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July Favourites!

31 Jul

Hey guys, another month over and another batch of products to rave about! This month I’ve been pretty bold in the spending department and I might  have treated myself to a few cheeky purchases. These are my pick of the best from those purchases and also, the products that I find I couldn’t keep away from for the past month:

My July Favourites (sorry for poor picture quality)

Maybelline Colour Tattoo eyeshadow in Eternal Gold and On and On Bronze: This is another extremely hyped up product in the beauty blogger/Youtuber world… and completely justifyingly (i’m aware that’s not a real word) so. I never usually go for cream eyeshadows, I find that they tend to crease quite a bit on the lid and can look a bit too shiney. Also, of most of the cream eyeshadows I have tried before, I’ve found that the colour pay-off has been really poor.  However, these Maybelline bad boys have completely turned the tables for me! They are extremely pigmented, the right amount of shimmery amazingness and they don’t crease. I find them to be really blendable and the two colours I chose worked great together and complimented eachother to create a really nice smokey eye look.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows in Eternal Gold and On and On Bronze

On and On Bronze and Eternal Gold


Real Techniques Starter Set: I’ve already raved about this new addition to my Real Techniques brush family so I won’t make this too long-winded. Over the last week I’ve been using these brushes none stop and they’ve made my life a lot easier… or at the very least.. my eyeshadow application! They really are all the eye brushes you could ever need and are so soft and gentle on the eyes. I’ve also just recently washed them and I’m happy to report that they wash just as good as all the other Real Techniques brushes.. phew! :) If you are interested in reading my full review of these brushes, have a gander over at this link:

Real Techniques Starter Set

Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body shampoo for Fine Hair: I’m gonna say it right now because there is no point in keeping secrets from my lovely subscribers.. I’m a shampoo whore! I never ever really stick with just the one shampoo and I tend to switch between different brands on a regular basis. I find that my hair adapts to shampoo too quickly and becomes immune to their effects, so really I HAVE to change shampoo all the time! (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it) This month I picked up Pantene’s     and I’ve really been enjoying it. It does the basic job of cleaning your hair… but boy does it do it well. It also has a really weightless effect on your hair which suits my fine hair down to the ground. I can’t make any promises but it looks like I might stay faithful to this shampoo for a little while longer…

Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Shampoo for Fine Hair

Tre Semme 24hourBody Sky High Plumping Powder: I’m pretty sure this little one has cropped up somewhere on my blog before but recently its come back into my life in a big way. I’ve been heading out on the town quite a bit recently and i’ve been experimenting on different “going out” hair looks (yes that exists!) I like voluminous hair..the bigger the better I say so this plumping powder has been my BFF when trying to create this voluminous look! It’s so good that you can say goodbye to damaging back-combing!  The only downside to this powder is that it does leave a strange-ish feel to your hair afterwards.. so be prepared to give it a good wash the next day .. unless of course you like strange-feeling hair. Your call! :)

Tre Semme 24hour Body Sky High Plumping Powder

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle & Nail Treatment Pen: This month has been all about nail care! I’ve realised that I paint my nails probably an abnormal amount of times and I’m becoming aware that this might not be the best thing for them. SO.. I’ve decided to start pampering them a tad more. Some nights, I remove all polish so that my nails are completely in the nip and spread some of  the caring oil from the Sally Hansen Cuticle pen all over them. My nails love it and in turn I love my nails more too. In the morning, my nails wake up happier and my nail polish has never looked better! It’s an all around winner! :)

Sally Hansen Magical Growth Cuticle and Nail Treatment Pen

Nars Laguna Bronzer: Ladies and Beauty-product-interested-Gentlemen, I believe I have found another Holy Grail item!! Not only does this product make it into my July Favourites, it also makes it into my “ALL-TIME” favourites… which is a huge honour! I won’t go too much into it as I intend to do a full blown review of it at a later date but gosh I bloody love this bronzer. I will admit, after years of cynically laughing off the idea that this bronzer really was so amazing.. I’m ready to admit that I was wrong. It is very pricey but after just one use I no longer care. It’s the perfect shade for contouring but I love to use it as a blusher to give me a nice “summer glow” in a pretty summer-less Ireland! Keep your peepers peeled for my full review coming soon! Warning: there will be dangerous amounts of gushing!

Nars Laguna Bronzer

Nars Laguna Bronzer


That’s all for now guys! Hope you liked it! Please let me know if you’ve tried any of the products that I’ve mentioned OR if you have done your very own July Favourites… link me in the comment section below :)

Hope you all had a lovely July and bring on August!


Show and Tell: Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit

30 Jul

Burt’s Bees Hand and Feet set

Yet AGAIN, I’ve been cheeky with my Visa card and I’ve made a few teeny (in reality not so teeny) purchases online. I’ve recently discovered the wonders of and I feel an addiction coming along. I’ve always been a big fan of Burt’s Bees however I can’t say the same about their prices. I saw this kit and thought it was such a nice idea… small sized versions of their best selling hand and feet products and all for only under 15 yo yos…YES PLEASE! :)

In the kit there is:

  • Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream (7g)

Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream

  • Replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil (4.25g)

Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil

  • Thoroughly Therapeautic Honey & Grapeseed Oil (20g)

Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Grapeseed Oil Hand Cream

  • Coconut Foot Cream (20g)

Coconut Foot Cream

  • Hand Salve (8.5g)

Hand Salve

  • Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream (8.5g)

Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

All of these smell so unbelievably delicious… they actually smell expensive ..if that makes any sense!? There’s a very luxurious feel to each and every one of them and you know you are getting good quality for money. Bursting with really good ingredients that don’t just smell nice but actually do something to care for your hands and feet

This kit is perfect for travelling… all products are really handy-sized to pop into your bag. I also think this would make a really great gift for somebody or for yourself if you fancy trying out some Burt’s Bees products but don’t know where to start.

I bought my kit on for 14.37 yo yos (and they also have free delivery worldwide woooh)–Feet-Kit

You can also purchase it on the Burt’s Bees Official website :

Have you tried any Burt’s Bees products? Let me know in a comment below! :)

Thanks for reading guys! Bye Kx:)

July’s GlOSSYBOX: My thoughts :)

27 Jul

Yep guys, it’s that time again. I just received my July Glossybox and I’m excited to share my thoughts on it with you! Hurrah!

July’s Glossybox

This month’s box is a “festival” box and is focused on “essential products” that can help you get that festival look!

BEX London: Londoner Urban Fragrance

  • BEX London: Londoner Urban Fragrance (sample-sized):Four high concentration, modern fragrances inspired by the unique character and idiosyncrasies of London. (Fullsize 100ml £81) 

I love getting perfume testers.I find they are so handy to keep in your bag instead of hauling your full sized perfumes. It’s also a really great idea to bring to a festival. However, this fragrance is not for me at all. I’m not great at describing scents but it’s quite musky and very strong and I typically go for quite fruity or floral scents. I think this fragrance smells quite unisex.. so I might pass it on to my brother…so it won’t go to waste!

Awapuhi Wild Ginger: Texturizing Sea Spray

  • Awapuhi Wild Ginger: Texturising Sea Spray (sample sized): “Create a tousled, beachy style any time. This surf-inspired spray adds texture and body to any locks. (Fullsize 150ml £18.95)

I was excited to see this in the box. I’ve never used a texturising sea spray and this looks like a really good quality one to pop my sea spray cherry! I haven’t tried this yet but I’ve sprayed it and it smells nice and fresh so let’s hope it works as well as it smells! I’ll keep y’all posted!

Monu: Calming Cream

  • Monu: Calming Cream (full-sized): “This green-tinted cream works by neutralising the redness often noticed on the cheeks and chin area” (Fullsize 15ml £14.95)

Usually, I dread getting sample sized testers of skincare as I have very sensitive skin and I’m always worried to try new things on my face. This however states that it is suitable for sensitive skin and actually works to combat redness and sensitivity. I’m interested to see if this actually works, if so, it’ll be a revelation in sleepingbootay land I can tells ya!

Jelly Pong Pong cosmetics Lip Frosting

  • Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics: Lip Frosting (full-sized): ” A multifunctional cream gloss. Use on lips for a tint of colour, or cheeks for a luminous glow”. (Fullsize 15ml £10)

First off, this smells absolutely AMAZING! Soooo fruity and delicious.. so it’s already a winner for me. On the lips it gives a really nice pinky tint but not too” in your face”. The product states that it can be used as a cheek tint aswell but personally I think it’s far too sticky to be applied to the face.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

  • Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (sample-sized) : ” Apply this dry oil to your face, body and hair all year round, in summer and in winter. (fullsize 50ml £17.50)

Over the moon to find this in this month’s box! I’m really into the whole multi-task oil jazz these days and I’ve been dying to try this one out! It’s pretty expensive to buy full-sized so I’m grateful to be able to try out this oil before I splash out the cash. So far I’ve only used this oil on my hands and nails and I’ve loved it! The oil is quite strongly scented so I’ll be keeping it away from my face (damn sensitive skin ggrrrr) but I am looking forward to trying it out on my hair!

Elizabeth Arden’s Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating line

  •  Bonus Product: Elizabeth Arden’s Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating line (sample-sized): ” Works to keep dry skin soft, supple and here to stay”. 

Woooh for bonus products! Again, I’m weary to try these testers incase they make my sensitive skin go nuts. Pending a patch test I will try these out and see if they are worth the hype. I really love Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream so hopefully these products are just as good.

My favourite product this month: Probably the Nuxe Oil. I’ve wanted to try this oil for a long time but I couldn’t justify the price. I’m completely loving the whole multi-task oil thang at the moment so I’m excited to give this one a go!

Least favourite: I’m gonna say the fragrance but only for the fact that it really isn’t my personal taste. I never really wear fragrances like this so I probably won’t even use it.

Overall, I was pleased with this month’s box. While I don’t really agree with it being referred to as the festival box (as I don’t think they are the type of products I would bring to a festival) I still think it offered a really great variety of products!

If you are interested in reading last month’s (June) glossybox review, here’s the linky plink:

And if you’ve read this and thought, hey I wanna jump on the Glossybox bandwagon: All the deets on how you can subscribe  are on their website:

If any of you are Glossybox subscribers, I’d love to hear about your experiences were like with the July box and what your favourite and least favourite items were!

If you have any questions on any of the products I’ve mentioned or if you would like further more detailed reviews on any of them please let me know in a comment below! Thanks! :)

Thanks for reading guys!


Hauly-moly!!: E.L.F Haul

25 Jul

Hey guys,

Yes it’s happened I’ve finally popped my E.L.F Cherry…and boy did I pop it! In Ireland, we can’t readily buy these products in stores so I’ve always eyed up their site and made little hypothetical shopping lists but I’ve never actually brought myself to purchase anything. HOWEVER, they recently had an offer where you got 50% off everything when you spent over 30 pounds or 35 euro…and I just couldn’t resist (I’m only human after all!). I basically went nuts!! My basket at the end came to just over 40 but then with the 50% off I only paid 20 yo yos and then 4.99 on post and packaging!

Reviews of all the products will follow, once I’ve had time to really try them all out.

Here’s what I bought… *drrrooools*

My E.L.F purchases

  • Clarifying pressed powder in Light Beige
  • Nail Polish in Lilac
  • False Lashes Lash Kit in Natural
  • False Lashes Lash Kit in Natural Brown
  • Bronzing Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Brightening Eye Colour in Burtternut
  • Luscious Liquid lipstick in Pink Lemonade
  • Liquid Eyeliner in Black
  • Duo Eyeshadow in Butter Pecan
  • Therapeutic conditioning lip balm in Vanilla Creme
  • Studio Lash extending mascara in Black
  • Blush in Tickled Pink
  • High Definition Powder
  • Kabuki Face Brush

I’m so over the mooon about the products I got. They are amazing quality for the price you pay and I think it’s a really great site for picking up basics to build up your make-up kit/collection.

I’m definitely gonna be a regular customer of this site and I want to buy and try out more of their make-up brushes.

If any of you are interested in checking this site out (which you really really should!) here’s the link:

OR if you’ve already tried EL.F products let me know what you think and what your fav products are and if you have any recommendations! :)

Thanks for reading guys! Kx :)

Aaaaaaaand the Winner is….

25 Jul

Hey guys!

This is gon’ be a reeeeal short post cause it is currently 2am here in Ireland and I’m slightly overtired and hyper so I need to keep the crazy delirium to a minimum.  Despite this, I had to come on and announce the winner of my most recent giveaway.

As usual, the winner was chosen completely by random (because I don’t have the heart to choose between all of you) on my trusty site

Aaaand I am happy to announce that the winner is was Emma from

CONGRATULATIONS Emma! Would really appreciate if you could throw me an ol’ email at with your full details such as your full name and address so that I can send you on your goodies! :)

Congrats Emma, here’s a peek at your goodies again! :)

Thanks once again to er’body who entered, I really really appreciate it! And if you didn’t win, not to worry, I have plenty more giveaways coming your way soon! So keep your peepers peeled! :)

I’m off to attempt some form of slumber now! Look out for a new blog post tomorrow too! I have some pretty things to show y’all

Night night and all that jazz :)

Kx :)

Review: Real Techniques Brushes: Starter Set

22 Jul

Real techniques Starter Set

Hey Guys,

As you can tell from the pretty self-explanatory title, this is another review. Last week I made a sneeky purchase on one of my fav beauty sites and I love them so much that I have to share them with you! Yes, It’s the Real Techniques’s Starter Set, which basically consists of all the essential eye brushes you could ever need.

  • Base Shadow Brush: ” applies a smooth, flawless foundation of colour”

Real techniques Base Shadow Brush

  • Deluxe Crease Brush: “soft, oversized design for effortless contouring”

Real Techniques Deluxe crease brush

  • Accent Brush: “designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting and smudging”

Real Techniques Accent Brush

  • Pixel-point Eyeliner brush: ” tapered cut is ideal for dense or fine eyeliner application”

Real Techniques Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush

  • Brow Brush: “distinctive shape easily defines eyebrows”

Real Techniques Brow Brush

  • Panoramic Case: ” dual carrier and stand keeps brushes organised on your counter or on the go”

Real Techniques Panoramic Brush Case

Like all the Real Techniques’ brushes, the softness of the brushes are like no other I’ve ever tried.  They are also cruelty-free and are made from synthetic fibres so they are easy to clean and dry nice and quick!

The brushes are versatile and I’ve found that they can be used for multiple needs:

  • Brow brush can also double up as an eyeliner brush
  • Deluxe crease brush would make a great concealer brush
  • The Accent brush would be useful as a lip brush too!

As I’ve already said above, these brushes also come with a nifty case to keep them in. At home I tend to store my brushes in containers and holders on my dressing table so they are easy to just grab when I’m doing my make-up however, the case is so handy to pop into your bag or to bring travelling with you. There’s also space on the other side of the case where you can add bigger brushes such as a powder or blush brush.  The case also doubles up as a stand, so if you do want to keep the brushes in their case you can still display them on your dressing table! :)

In Ireland, real techniques brushes are available in most major Boots stores and some pharmacies. This set cost me 23 yo yos on one of my favourite beauty sites: I believe that this is money well spent as they are  great quality for the price you pay..and it helps that they look pretty too! ;)

I’ve already tried their blush, powder and stippling brush…so let me know if you’d like a review on any of those brushes and I’d be more than happy to review them for you. Next on my list is the core collection set which is also around 23 yo yos.

Overall these brushes  get a huge Sleepingbootay thumbs up and I can tell they will be a beauty must have for quite some time! :)

Another product worthy of a Sleepingbootay Thumbs up! :)

Let me know if you have tried any of the Real Techniques brushes and which one is your favourite! :)

Thanks for reading guys,

Until next time, Bye Kx:)

Hakuna Matata :)

20 Jul

In case you didn’t already know…..It means no worries.. ;)

FACT: Having a moustache makes you happier!

I’m a firm believer that Disney movies have the power to make you happy. Pair that with a huge mug of tea and a slice of cake..and that’s pretty much eternal bliss sorted right there!

My new mantra!

If however you aren’t so easily pleased as moi.. read on to hear more about my “Get Happy” tips! :)

I got the inspiration for this post off my favourite Blogger and YouTuber Louise from Sprinkleofglitter. She recently posted a video all about what makes her happy and I’ve gotta say that video actually made me feel happy. (Here’s the link if you’re interested: )

As well as making me all happy and warm and fuzzy inside, it also got me thinking about the things that make me happy and cheer me up on a real poopey crappy day and I thought I’d share a few of them on her for you:

1) Tea: Seriously this is my ultimate “quick fix” when it comes to happiness. Whenever I’m stressed/upset/sick…etc.. the first thing I do is make myself a HUGE mug of tea. It calms me down, warms up my tummy (which is a great feeling) and somehow lifts my mood. If tea isn’t your thing (shame on you) then coffee or a mug of hot chocolate would do too! :)

2) Candles: I’m a tad bit crazy about candles. I love them…And I’m at my most happiest when there is loads lit around me. I think there’s nothing nicer or prettier than being in a dark room with just candles for light.(not in a creepy movie villain way) They are also great to add around your bath or to have at your work desk/area to perk things up a bit. My personal favourites are Yankee candles especially Vanilla Cupcake and Black Cherry! Nom!

3) Retail Therapy: This is a bit of a bold one…as I admit, I shop waaaay too much anyway, rain or shine, happy or sad. Saying that, it actually is a really great way to cheer yourself up. A really good idea is to promise yourself a treat every week… this can be big or small depending on your budget. Knowing that you are gonna treat yourself and the excitement of waiting for it actually does cheer you up and gives you something to look forward to.

4) Pamper Session: This is another obvious one.. but for good reason.. it really does work. Chances are when you are feeling down, you probably look in the mirror and feel down about how you look too (trust me, we’ve all been there). Set aside some time to really pamper yourself. Run a nice hot bath using some of your fav bath products, chill with some candles and music or a magazine (whatever your style) Pop on a face mask, do your nails, slather on some gorgeous smelling body lotion and tackle those eyebrows! By the end of this you are bound to feel like a million dollars inside AND out!

5) Music: Yet another cliche one but I couldn’t leave it out! When I’ve had a particularly rough day I crank out some SERIOUS old school 90’s hits like the Spice Girls and I LITERALLY dance around on my bed to them… (yes seriously). You’ll find yourself in such a good mood and all that dancing will pump some natural endorphins through your body… instant happiness right there. If this isn’t your scene, you could always snuggle up in bed, dim down all the lights and put on some slow relaxing music.. this is a much better option if you’re trying to unwind. Focus on your breathing and even try out some basic Yoga moves (there’s tons of easy tutorials on YouTube)

6) Reading: This is a personal one as I am a HUGE bookworm. I love nothing more after a long day at work, than to just curl up with a book. Some really good books I’ve read recently are: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, Before I go to Sleep by SJ Watson and Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult. If any of you would be interested in hearing about some of my all time fav books let me know and I’ll definitely do that for you. If books aren’t your thing you could always read a magazine (I’m loving Company at the moment) or have a browse through some blogs. I’ve listed a few of my favourites in a series of posts if you’d like to check them out:

That’s all I have for now guys. Obviously there a piles more things that make me happy but I thought I’d just list a small few of them with you. If you’d like to hear some more, please let me know and I might make a series out of this type of post. I hope this post wasn’t too boring for you and that you got some happy-inspiration from it!

Micro pigs also make me insanely happy :)

As always, I’d love to hear from you! So please let me know in the comments below what things make you happy!

Thanks for reading guys!

Bye Kx:)

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Winged eyeliner Tutorial

18 Jul

Winged eyeliner

Hey guys,

I know the title says tutorial.. but I feel like such a fraud cause I am in no way a professional. This is basically just a post about how I do the winged eyeliner look and the products I use to get the look. I’m aware that it’s not a very tricky look and most of you have probably nailed the technique but I know that some people find it tricky to do when they are starting off.. I know I did!

This is a classic look of mine.. pretty much my typical “going out” look. I think it’s classy but you can build it up and enhance as much as you want. This look is pretty subtle and you can make the eyeliner as thick or as long as you want.

To do this look I used:

My winged eyeliner kit

  • Urban decay naked palette (and I used the colours: Sin and Sidecar)
  • Maybelline falsies volume express mascara
  • Rimmel Soft kohl eyeliner pencil in Jet Black
  • Catrice liquid eyeliner pen in Black
  • Urban decay primer potion (optional)


  1. Firstly, prep your eyes with an eyeshadow base or primer so that your eyeshadow stays on longer and it helps to reduce any smudging. I use the infamous Urban Decay primer potion (but honestly cheaper versions do the job as well) and spread the teeniest amount across the lid.
  2. I use a neutral colour across the entirety of my lid and then a slightly darker nude colour in the outer corner of my eye and blend in. I chose “Sin ” and “Sidecar ” from the Urban decay naked palette as they work nice together and are subtle but add a nice bit of shimmer to the eye.
  3. Next I begin the winged eyeliner process. Honestly, I think this is a tricky thing to get right when you’re first starting off and I think it takes practise to get it right. I always found it hard to get a nice clean line and defined point. When I was a Body Shop event a few months ago, the make-up artist there actually had a really good tip on how to get the perfect eye liner line. She suggested creating little small dots close to your lash line and then slowly connecting these dots. She said this is much easier than going for the full on swoop of the line first off and it helps to get a much more clean finish.
  4. To get the flick out the side: There are many ways to do this and I think it all comes down to  personal choice and which way you find to be easiest. One technique is to make a dot on the outer corner of the eye where you want the tip of the eyeliner to extend to and then connecting that dot to the eyeliner on the the upper and lower lid and then filling in the space. If this sounds like too much, another way is to line your the bottom lid and then continue this line up, following the natural angle of your bottom lash line. Extend it with your eyeliner and stop at the point you wish for the eyeliner to extend to. Now starting at that outer point, drag your eyeliner inward and slightly down towards your top eye lid, connecting the tip of the wing with your lined top lid. Finally fill in any blank space in the middle.
  5. Next to finish the look, add a tiny bit of eyeliner to your water line and smudge slightly near the outer corner to get a more “smokey eye effect”. Then, later on layers of mascara to top it off.
  6. I finished my look with a classic red lip and chose my current favourite: MAC’s Mac Red. However if you are going for a more simple toned down look, I’d go for a neutral lipstick like MAC’s Shy Girl.


That’s all for now guys, hope this tutorial was helpful and please let me know if you’d like me to keep doing more tutorials, and if so… give me suggestions! :)

Thanks for reading and until next time, Bye Kx:)

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My skincare routine :)

17 Jul

Hey guys,

So I can safely say that my poor skin has been around the block a fair few times. It’s had its fair share of products and woes. But now I think I can finally say that I’ve found a routine that actually really works for my skin. (fingers crossed) .

Make-up removal:  Before I cleanse my face I like to get all or pretty much most of my make-up off just so I can make sure my skin is squeaky clean. To do this I use my ol’ favourite: the Simple cleansing face wipes and give my face a good going over. These wipes are great at getting off all my make-up (even pesky eye make-up and waterproof mascara). Sometimes, when I am wearing heavy eye make-up I use an eye make-up remover as it’s more gentle on my eyes than constantly rubbing them with a wipe. My remover of choice is a Boots Own Brand product “Simply sensitive eye make-up remover “. It’s pretty much an oil based eye make-up remover that  works so quickly and is super gentle on my eyes.

Simple cleansing face wipes and Boot’s Simply Sensitive eye make-up remover

Cleanser: I’ve tried my fair share of cleansers in the past and pretty much all of them have either been too harsh on my skin or just didn’t do anything to improve it. Then Dermalogica came along and changed my life. I know use Dermalogica’s Ultracalming cleanser morning and at night and my skin loves me for it. Dermalogica isn’t easily accessible in Ireland so I buy mine online at where there are great discounts and very speedy delivery.  You can use this cleanser on its own and remove with tissue or a cotton pad or you can also rinse off with water.

Dermalogica Ultracalming cleanser

Toner: I used to use a toner by La Roche Posay but I found it to be quite drying on my skin. Water is a natural toner so I always dowse my skin in cold water after my Dermalogica cleanser and then I sometimes follow with a few spritz of the La Roche Posay’s Thermal water. This is essentially water in a can but it feels great on my skin and soothes it if it’s ever feeling irritated or hot.

Moisturiser: Yet again, I’ve tried so many moisturisers and found it very difficult to find one that suited my combination sensitive skin. Most were either too oily or just didn’t moisturise my face enough. “Simple” have always been an ol’ favourite of mine even since I was a young teenager so earlier this year I decided to give their moisturiser a whirl again. I picked up their “light” moisturiser for the daytime (so that’s its suitable for wearing under make-up) and I got the “rich” formula to wear at night (for a deeper moisturisation) I’ve been using this combo for the past few months now and I absolutely love it! The moisturiser is so gentle on my skin, keeps it really moisturised and is not oily or shiny. It’s also kind to my bank balance as it only costs a few precious yo yos!

Simple Moisturiser in Rich and Light formulae.

Exfoliation: One of the huge mistakes I used to make was that I exfoliated waaaay too much which used to leave my skin feeling tight and irritated. Nowadays I only exfoliate 1-2 times a week and to do this I use my Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool (which is a cheaper alternative to the Clarisonic) I use the Sigma Tool with my usual dermalogica cleanser and give my skin a good ol clean. If you’d like to see a full review of the Sigma Tool i’ve already previously done a review on it here:  so have a peek! :)

Sigma cleansing and polishing tool

Supplements: Of course there is more to skincare than just products, you also need to take care of your skin from the inside… so this means plenty of water and vitamins. I try to drink as much water as possible every day (they recommend 1.5 to 2 litres a day) and I also drink a lot of green tea which is a great antioxidant! As well as this I take multivitamins everyday and I also take a supplement know as “Perfectil” which is a supplement, targeted for healthy hair, skin and nails. If you’d like to learn more about “Perfectil”, have a gander on their website:

My daily supplements for healthy skin


That’s all I’ve got for now guys,

I’d love to hear about your skincare routine so please let me know in a comment below!

As always, thanks for reading, Bye Kx :)

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My Festival must-haves + GIVEAWAY- (CLOSED)

11 Jul

Hey guys

Yes, today I have a whopper for you, not only am I going to be discussing a few of my festival must-haves but I’m also going to be including another exciting giveaway wooh!

Okay, so as festival season is upon us, rain or shine, there are a few necessary things we need to take with us. I’m gonna avoid talking about the obvious practical things and focus more on the beauty side…basically things to help you avoid looking less than shabby and more chic.

Little shot of me at Electric Picnic last year! :)

I’ve compiled my own little festival “beauty” kit which gets me through whatever conditions a festival throws at me:

  • dry shampoo: pretty much the No.1 Must have at any festival. My personal favourite is the Batiste range..which also comes in handy mini-sizes.
  • face wipes or an all in one cleanser/toner and moisturiser: The last thing on your mind at a festival is skincare but you still should remove your make-up every night. I opt for an easy route and use Simple cleansing face wipes but you could also use and all in one cleanser/toner and moisturiser.. Nivea does a great one!
  • travel sized toothpaste and toothbrush: Yes, your teeth still need to be cleaned at a festival. One thing I found to be very useful were toothytabs by Lush. Basically a solid toothpaste that you pop into your mouth and chew until it froths, then use your toothbrush as normal. It’s a much cleaner and practical than packing a tube of toothpaste (which will most likely burst all over your bag) Have a look at the ones I used last year! :)
  • mini deodrant: You can pick these up in most pharmacies and are the perfect size to bring around with you all day. Because you most likely will not be showering at all, this bad boy will become your saviour.
  • baby wipes: another hero at a festival, also known as a “mini shower” these guys have multi-tasking abilities and NEED to be in everybodies festival bag!
  • Make-up: I typically bring: waterproof mascara, mini eyeshadow palette, two in one cheek and lip tint, tinted moisturiser and a concealor. Try and bring products that don’t need any or failing that, very little make-up brushes. Look out for multi-tasking products and try to find cheap alternatives of products you love so that you wont be too distraught if they get lost
  • sunscreen ( not that its always needed in Ireland, har har) You need this, trust me, being burnt and uncomfortable in a tent is not fun!
  • body spray/mist: much more practical than hauling around your favourite expensive perfume! I love the body mists from The Body Shop
  •  antibacterial hand gel – with added moisturiser ( this means that your hands get a tini bit of tlc) You will use this constantly, especially if you’re a tad obsessed like me! It’s handy to actually have a few of these with you. One for your bag and one to leave in your tent.

NOW ONTO THE GIVEAWAY! * excited dance*

I was kindly contacted by Opticrom Allergy and offered an “Ultimate Festival Kit” to give away to one lucky reader! Hurrah for giveaways! While I focused on the more beauty-side of the festival kit, Opticrom have covered all the pratical and basic must haves to keep you safe and prepared at your festival!

Little bit about Opticrom Allergy Eye Drops:

Opticrom eye drops

Opticrom Allergy Eye Drops bring fast-acting relief to the symptoms of Allergic Conjunctivitis and can soothe sore, irritated and watery eyes in as little as two minutes.

  • The active ingredient in Opticrom Allergy Eye Drops is sodium cromoglicate, which helps to block the H1 receptors.
  • Opticrom Allergy Eye Drops stop the response chemical Histamine from reaching them and triggering further allergic reactions.
  • Hay fever sufferers can use the drops the moment symptoms begin.
  • Treating the symptoms of an eye allergy is a more effective way of ensuring that allergies do not take their toll and prevent you from getting on with your life.
Visit their website here for more info:

What the kit includes:

Opticrom Allergy Festival Survival kit

Lip balm ● Blue PVC poncho ●pocket-size tissues ● hand wipes(pack of 15) ● tube of SPF30 sunscreen ● LED keychain torch ● pocket pack of earplugs (2 pairs) ●toilet seat covers ● anti-bacterial hand gel ● travel, toothbrush with toothpaste paste ● pack of chewing gum ●emergency blanket ●mini first-aid kit ● 6 inch glowstick ● travel size BeeKind Shampoo and Shower Gel. All of the items for the kit come in a handy cotton drawstring bag.

Entry Requirements

  1. Entrants must be a follower of  this blog ( you do not need to be a WordPress member to follow this blog simply click on the “follow blog via email” tab on the right hand side of my blog)  AND must like my Facebook page:
  2. Leave a comment below saying that you have both followed this blog and “liked” my facebook page and answer this question: What festival would you like to go to this summer?
  3. Competition is only open to EVERYONE! Worldwide… no exclusions!
  4. The competition will run for 2weeks and end on the 25th of July
  5.  The winner will be randomly selected via
  6. Entrants must cover all steps above or their entry will not be included. 

Thats all for now guys, so get entering and good luck to y’all! :)

Bye Kx :)


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