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Blogs I love Edition #3

29 Jun

Hey Guys,

Yup, you’ve guessed it.. It’s that time again for me to ramble on and on about the new blogs I’ve been obsessing over for the past month. This is the 3rd Edition of this type of post on my blog.. so if you’re interested in checking out some more blogs that I’m in love with, you might wanna check out Edition 1  and Edition 2:

Aaaaaand now onto the newbies:

  • Her blog is a pretty mixture of fashion and beauty. She has effortless style…no infact..she ooozes style. As I read her blog, I find myself wanting EVERYTHING that she has and I trust her judgement on any product that she reviews. I recommend her blog to anybody who loves a good honest product review, great style tips and pretty photos to top it all off! :)
  • find myself having some serious outfit envy whenever I creep through her blog! Love her style. My favourite feature of her blog is her “weekend wishlist” section where she compiles a little collection of things she’s lusting over recently.. with a combo of both fashion and beauty products.
  • Not only does this girl have her own blog but she also has her own shop for goodness sake.. this girl is a real pro! Mostly known for her Youtube channel under the same name.. the girl is a natural. It’s pretty much like she has been born for blogging.. gives effortless reviews of products that are actually helpful and honest. She really incorporates her own life into her blog and regularly posts pics of what she gets up to (great for nosey creeps like myself) She’s a beaut! She also does amazing giveaways (she gave away a pair of “Dre Beats” around christmas time!!) Give her blog and ol’ won’t be disappointed!
  • I’m convinced this needs no intro whatsoever.. as they are pretty much two of the most famous sisters in the beauty world never mind the blogging world. I’ve been a HUGE fan of the Pixiwoo sister’s make-up channel on YouTube for quite some time now..and I recently started to follow their blog too. They recently released their own brand of make-up brushes “Real Techniques” which the entire blogging world has gone insane and which I personally love! (Watch out for a review on them soon!) Their blog is amazing for picking up all sorts of make-up tips.. its always my go-to blog when I want to try out a new make-up look.
  • HURRAH for another Irish beauty blogger! I recently stumbled across this lovely blog and I’ve been loving it since. This gorgeous blogger does it all.. outfit posts, beauty product reviews as well as little supplements of her daily life. She seems really interesting, down to earth and ultimately fun. Definitely worth checking out! You’re in for a treat! :)
  • Okay, so this one is cheating a bit seeing as it isn’t really a blog.. but I had to include it cause I’ve been obsessed with it this month. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it’s basically a site where you can “pin” various pictures onto your “board” and browse other peoples pictures. I think its great for DIY inspiration, crafts…and those obligatory cute “cat pics” that we all pretend not to obsess over. You guys should definitly check it out..and if you fancy checking out my “pins” (not in a creepy or sleezy way) then my pinterest username is:  :)

That’s all for now folks… Please let me know what blogs you’ve been loving lately… I love discovering new blogs!

Hope y’all have an awesome weekend!

Bye Kx :)


27 Jun

Hey guys,

Yes as you can probably tell from the title.. I’ve caved and jumped on the beauty box subscription bandwagon. For the past aaaaages I’ve read blogs reviewing either Glossybox or Jolie Box and secretly reaally wanting them too. I finally caved and signed up for Glossybox and I thought I’d show you what I got!

June’s Glossybox!

- HD Brows Precision Tweezers- “For eyebrow maintenance at home or on the go, HD brows precision tweezers are a must for ever girl’s make-up bag” RRP: £19.95

I was absolutely delighted when I saw this in the box. I’ve always wanted a good tweezers but could never quite allow myself to fork out big dollahs for one. The point is nice and fine and the slant is great for getting at those pesky teeny hairs. I’ve just had my eyebrows done so can’t really test them out yet but I’ll update y’all when I do.

HD Brows Precision Tweezers

- BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer (sample-size) – “Multi-purpose pure mineral bronzer. Add a touch of summer warmth to your face. RRP: £8 

I’ve recently switched over to bronzer in place of blusher just to give my skin a nice glow for these summer months. I was excited to see this bronzer in the box as I’ve always wanted to try mineral make-up and I like that this one is kinda shimmery. I’ve only used to once and I really liked the effect it had on my skin. Glowy but not too dark. I might look into purchasing the full-sized version!

BM Beauty Summer Bronzer

- Green People Sun Lotion SPF15 with Tan Accelerator- “Award-winning UVA & UVB protection organic sun lotion. Rich in natural antioxidants, moisturising protection. RRP: £12.99 

Really nice to see a sun lotion that not only protects against the sun but also moisturises your skin too. I also love that this sun lotion doesn’t smell like your typical sun lotion but instead has quite a strong floral scent which is kinda lavendery. Feels really soft on the skin, just a pity we don’t need it much over here in rainy Ireland!

Green People Sun Lotion

- Vichy Dermablend Ultra-corrective Foundation Cream Stick (sample-size)- ” Vichy’s expert camouflage foundation stick for minor to severe skin flaws”. RRP £19

At last a concealor that’s geared towards sensitive skin. From the sample that I tried, it gave really nice coverage and blended really easily into my skin. I love the idea of this “starter pack” that lets you try out different shades to find one that matches you best and it also gives tips on its application. Really liked this concealor… not sure if I’d fork out over 20euro for it though.

Vichy Dermablend Foundation

- Glossybox Serie Exclusive Pro Beauty Brush- “This classic series natural goat hair blush brush gives a super soft make-up application. RRP: £15

Nice to see a make-up brush as I think you can never have too many. However, I have to say I’m not too keen on this one. Not only is it made from Goats hair ( which is a  HUGE no no to a veggie like me) but it also sheds like a mo’fo. This brush is grand for just throwing into your bag to have on the go… or even to a festival when you don’t want to lose/ruin your other brushes.

Glossybox blush brush

All the products come in a really cute and pretty pink box.. beautifully wrapped… so much so  that I was actually just as excited about the box as I was for the goodies inside.

If you are interested in signing up for Glossybox… pop onto their website now: where you can pay for just one box at a time or you can subscribe in bulk. for all your questions about Glossybox

Price for just one glossybox is £12.95 including post and packaging to the UK or 16euro for us Irish lassies. :)

That’s all for now guys, I hope to review the Glossybox every month for you so keep your eyes peeled.

Have any of you tried Glossybox or any other “beauty boxes”?? Let me know in a comment below or link me to any of your reviews! :)

Thanks for reading! Bye Kx :)

The new love of my life <3

24 Jun

Hey Guys,

Warning: Today’s post is going to be incredibly soppy and mushy..because yes…I’ve found “The One”.

“The One” smells good… looks after me… takes care of me… smells great… Looks cute…little bit pricey..but completely worth it. Yes, you’ve got it in one.. It’s the very popular and crazily raved about “Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip balm“. This lip balm is literally all over YouTube and the blogging world. It’s fast becoming a new “cult” product and I can completely see why. I was having a crappy-ass day at work recently… really fed up and felt like splurging a ridiculous amount of money on something frivolous. I went browsing into a local pharmacy and went straight to the Nuxe section. This lipbalm caught my eye straight away and it really was love at first sight. I took it straight to the counter and handed over 12 yo yos… which I can honestly say I’ve never ever paid for a lipbalm before.

Brought it home, applied it straight away..and now I can say I will never ever look back. This lip balm definitely fits the term “luxury product”. Everything about this lip balm ooozes good quality:

  • The packaging is simple yet classy. It sounds silly but I actually feel like a proper grown up when I whip this bad boy out of my make-up bag AND not only does the packaging look good it also contains so much product (15g) which is a lot for a lip balm!
  • The texture is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before… quite strange.. almost a slight grainy sandy effect which soon disappears once applied onto the lips. Its very thick and rich..and ridiculously moisturising. I’ve never had such a fast acting lip balm in my life… after one application your lips feel like they’ve had an extreme make-over.
  • The smell is so lovely with hints of honey and milk and all things nice. It literally smells like it should be good for you.. if you get what I mean…
  • Another great thing about this lip balm is its stayingpower. There is nothing more irritating than having to reapply a lipbalm over and over again throughout the day. This lip balm however really stays put. Apply this before you go to bed..and the majority of the time, you will wake up and it’s still gracing your lips with its loveliness.

I’m all for a bargain and for a cheap beauty fix.. but I am 100% in love with this lip balm and will repurchase it over and over again. In this case, you really do get what you pay for and 12 yo yos is beyond justifiable. I’m actually seriously contemplating buying another one just to keep in my bag so that I’m never without one… Crazy?? Maybe.. Head over heels??….Definitely!

Would love to hear if any of you have tried this amazing lip balm..and if you have, are you as obsessed as I am? Let me know…

That’s all for now folks!

Thanks for reading, Bye Kx :)

Linky plinks

Here are some handy links for you to perv over this lip balm and some other tasty Nuxe products: – Official website – Irish online beautystore where you can purchase Nuxe products UK store where you can purchase Nuxe products.

Poll time! Please vote :)

21 Jun

Hey guys this is just a teeny poll , where I just wanted to ask y’all if you’d like to see more fashion/style/DIY posts on my blog. It’s something I’ve been contemplating so I’d like to hear what you guys think seeing as you are the peeps who read my blog! Really appreciate your opinion…and any additional comments or suggestions you have!

Oh and if you do vote yes… if you have any suggestions of what kinda fashion or DIY posts you wanna see.. please let me know! :)

Thanks again!


Review: VOYA’s Time to Shine Body Buff

20 Jun

Hey Guys,

Today I have another exciting review for you. I was recently very kindly sent a new body scrub from VOYA organic beauty to try out.

Who? What? Where?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this company, VOYA is an irish family owned business which began in 1912 when the first seaweed baths opened in Strandhill, Co.Sligo here in Ireland. Their mantra is to use the “full power of nature in its purest forms throughout their range with integrity and harmony with nature“…and what more could you want from a beauty business?! Their dedication most definitely reflects in the quality of their products. I felt very luxurious using this scrub. It conjured up a scent which is pretty indescribable… I’ll just say a cross between fancy spa and a beach scent…make sense??

Now while most girls  search for the perfect guy…or job …etc…I have always been on the search for THE perfect body scrub. I’ve searched high and low for a scrub that exfoliated but didn’t irritate my skin. I have found some pretty good contenders however, not one has matched this new body scrub.

What makes it so good??

What it says on the packaging: “Our dual action lathering body buff, exfoliates with finely ground seaweed and walnut shells and nourishes your skin with a blend of almond oil, seaweed and ginger extracts. This gentle yet effective formula buffs away dry flaky skin to reveal smoother, softer skin”. I normally don’t like to quote the packaging of a product but I felt that they pretty much summed the product up so nicely that I actually struggled to do it better myself.  What I will say though, is that unlike all the other scrubs I have tried, this scrub is actually designed with sensitive skin in mind.This scrub is absolutely awesome for sensitive skin…the grains are not too large and are made from natural ingredients such as finely ground walnut shells and seaweed flakes so they aren’t too harsh or abrasive.

Swatch of the scrub

As with all VOYA products this scrub contains seaweed which has been know for not only its anti-ageing benefits but also contains a multitude of vital vitamins such as B1,B2, B12, Zinc, Iodine etc. The scrub also contains almond oil and ginger extract which work together to not only nourish your skin but also give you that glowy healthy look.

This scrub boasts  four main aims:

  • to exfoliate your skin
  • to stimulate your skin
  • to firm your skin
  • to promote cell renewal.

I’m not too great with the sciencey shizz.. but what I do know is that this scrub has definitely works DAYUM well on my skin. I’ve been using it for about 2weeks now and my skin already feels softer, smoother and dare I say…a tad firmer?! …With results like that after just 2weeks… I’m expecting a completely new body soon!… *wishful thinking* ;)


Sold yet?? If so, you’re gonna need all the vital details:

Price is 29 yo yos for 200ml of product (teensy bit pricey but completely worth it in my opinion).

Product is available all around Ireland and good news to all my international chummies… they ship overseas too!!. All stock and shipping info is on their website you can also purchase any of their products online too….happy days!:)

Overall I have adored this product. My search for the perfect scrub is now complete and we can go live happily ever after…and have half body scrub/half human babies… too far??… perhaps.. :/ ha!

Thanks for reading guys, I have more reviews in the pipeline so do keep your eyes peeled for them! If you have any questions about this scrub or VOYA itself, please do leave me a comment below or feel free to leave me a message on my facebook page: or email me privately at

Until next time, Bye Kx:)

Products I regret buying #1

17 Jun

Hey guys,

Firstly, I am so so sorry about my recent absence from the blogging world. I had a week off from work and spent the entire time in Dublin and Kildare visiting my new Goddaughter (hurrah). All was very exciting and busy in Sleepingbootayland and therefore I had very little time for blogging…but now I’m back and ready to bore you with constant posts….wahey! ;)

So during my little “holiday”, I was thinking to myself about what I respect and like the most about my favourite bloggers…and the quality that seemed to pop up the most was honesty. I love when bloggers just tell you like it is…and never sugar coat a bad review. In life you come across some pretty shite products and I feel I have a duty as a self-proclaimed “beauty-blogger” to inform you about some of these products. I will state though, that the products that I will mention are not necessarily bad products, they just didn’t agree/work for me. Products work differently for different people so just bare that in mind. However, saying this, the products that I am just about to mention are products that I will NEVER  re-purchase again…ever..ha. I have quite a few so I might divide them into a few separate posts.

Here’s the first batch:

Head & Shoulders Colour Care shampoo- completely dried out my hair leaving it straw-like and downright yuck.  It gave me dandruff..(which I thought Head & Shoulders was famous for getting rid of…hmmmm :/) and the formula was too harsh for my skin..actually leaving dry patches behind my ears. Perhaps this shampoo would suit somebody with very oily hair but overall I really would not recommend it. Not much else I can really say about it except that it will never go near my poor head again!

And no…this product doesn’t even deserve good picture quality

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Stress control cleansing lotion: Even just typing about this product is making me angry and is conjuring up some yucky memories. This product COMPLETELY destroyed my skin… temporarily of course. As y’all probably know by now.. I have ridiculously sensitive buying this type of product was my fault in the first place. I bought this product I’d say about 2 years ago now…when I was going through a bad-patch with my skin. I wanted something that would be harsh on my spots and clear my skin…and my gawd was this product HARSH. I can only describe it like literally putting alcohol onto your face. It had a burning sensation and let my skin feeling raw and tight. It DID get rid of my spots but at a price. It pretty much burned the spots off my face leaving scarrage. I honestly wouldn’t recommend this product to anybody even to those with the oiliest of skin. This product may work for some for a short while, but in the long run I don’t think it’s good to be putting something as harsh as this on your skin. I’ve kept the container (along with the majority of the product) as a reminder to never buy it again.


Clean & Clear Advantage Spot treatment gel: This had quite a similar effect to my skin as the Neutrogena product I just mentioned HOWEVER i will say that it was down to entirely my own fault. This spot treatment is actually very good for getting rid of spots but it was just far too strong for my sensitive skin. I would recommend this for somebody who has normal/oily skin and who suffers from a lot of spots and blemishes. Besides this product being to harsh for my skin, i feel that it leaves the affected area very dry afterwards so bare this in mind before using it.

Apologies for this image.. I had to nab it from the internet as I threw my bottle away due to frustration and I refuse to purchase another one!

Cutex  nail varnish remover: They say you get what you pay for… but with nail varnish removers, I strongly disagree. Being one of the “pricier” nail varnish removers, I expected good things. Unfortunately I was very disappointed. It took pretty much a third of the bottle to remove just one nail varnish application. The scent was reeeeally harsh and it left my nails aaand my hands feeling dry. I actually find that the best nail varnish removers that I have used are from supermarkets or “own-brands”. My favourites are actually Tesco’s own brand with is less than 1 yo yo or Boots own brand which is another cheapy at less than 2 yo yos. Overall, this nail varnish remover was both a waste of time and money.

…*sniff sniff* :(

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation: This product is a tad bit controversial in Sleepingbootayland as I actually adore this foundation. I love the finish it gives me, how much the shade suits me AND how inexpensive it was. However, the love was not mutual. This foundation hated me. It broke me out beyond belief…and for quite some time… i lived in denial and blamed EVERTHING else except the foundation because I loved it so much. A few months ago, there was a skin care consultant in a Boots pharmacy that I was in. She assessed my skin and pretty much told me that the foundation that I was wearing at the time (this bourhois healthy mix) was the worst foundation I could be wearing for my sensitive skin type. The foundation contains fruit extracts and has quite a strong fragrance…which everyone with sensitive skin should avoid. It saddens me that we are just not meant to be but in the end it just wasn’t worth it. I would recommend this foundation to those with normal or dry skin..but i’d advise that you do a patch test first just to make sure its compatible Now enough of this chit chat…before I start sobbing…

Okay guys that’s it for Part 1 of my “Products I regret buying” series. Again, these are just all of my own personal opinions from my own personal experiences. I just wanted to be honest with all you lovely followers and just perhaps warn you of some potential product mishaps.

Please let me know if you have tried any of the products that I have mentioned and tell me what you’re experiences with them has been like-good or bad. OR alternatively, let me know some of your Products that you regret buying. I’ll be back soon with Part 2…so until then.. thanks for reading!

Bye Kx :)

Would you look at that… It’s MAY FAVOURITES Time!!

6 Jun

Hey guys,

As you have probably acknowledged by now.. I like a good dramatic blog title.. the more exclamation marks and capital letters the better! And this week is no different! I am quite exciteable about doing my MAY FAVOURITES…as it means that June is upon us..and that means proper summer time! Woooh! :)

My May favourites in all their glory

Now before I get too rambly, I’m gonna get crackin’ on some new products that I  really enjoyed during the month of May:

  • Aussie’s 3 minute miracle for coloured hair. I have always been a fan of the Aussie 3minute miracle conditioners (especially the one for dry damaged hair) but have only recently tried this version for coloured hair. I absolutely laaave it I can tells ya. Works just as well as the other types and I’m finding myself becoming addicted to that Aussie smell all over again…
  • Reviving foot spray from Boots. Okay, as we all know, pretty much the majority of girls like to shop.. but what is the one thing that we all (or well I do anyway) complain about when we get home from that huge shopping spree? Yes… our feet. Recently, I picked up this refreshing foot spray from Boots.. which smells really fresh and minty and cools down my tired sore feet. With ingredients such as mint, witch hazel and cypress, your feet will be fresh in no time!
  • Angelica nail colour: This month I’ve been all about the pastel and especially when it comes to nail polish.. I picked up this bad boy in Pennys (Primark) for a mere 2.95 and I have fallen in love. The colour pay off is amazing and comes up so strong with only one application. It’s also really really longwearing. Definitely gonna be picking some more colours up soon!
  • Soap & Glory’s Flake Away body scrub. This is actually an old favourite of mine, I used to use this all the time and I have now recently rekindled that love. This scrub is nothing short of a miracle. It exfoliates my skin without irritation and it smells DAYUM good. You get a pretty huge tub with a LOT of product and it lasts you a hellova long time. I have a feeling this will be in my June Favourites as well.
  • John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair serum: I actually picked this product up about 2 years ago in an attempt to calm my ever frizzy hair. I loved it but I found it to be a tad bit too greasy. HOWEVER, I have recently started dying my hair again which means that my hair has been that bit more dry and in turn more frizzy. I salvaged this product out from one of my drawers and thought id give it a go. It’s now one of my most used products. I have a full sized and a mini sized one for my bag. You need the teeniest little amount and I just run this through the ends of my hair.. to attack and tame that annoying frizz.
  • The Body Shop’s Mango Body Mist (new): This was actually one of the products that I was lucky to receive in the goody bag I was given at The Body Shop event I attended last month. Mango being one of my favourite scents, I was certain that this mist would be a good’un.. and I wasn’t wrong! I love the fruity scent and I find it perfect to use in between those perfume applications during the day to keep you smelling lovely. It’s the perfect summer scent and for a few minutes you can pretend you are off somewhere lovely,warm and exotic.. #wishfulthinking!

Okay, well that’s all for my May favourites. Would love to hear from you and what your favourites were during the month of May! Leave them in a comment below.. or if you’ve already done a post on your may favourites leave a link in the comment section so I can have a gander! :)

Thanks for reading guys, Until next time, Bye Kx:)

Viviscal Giveaway Winner! Hurrah!

4 Jun

Hey Guys,

This is going to be a reeeeeaally short post (I mean it this time, I swear) as I’m sorta supposed to be getting ready for work. But I had to just come on here and let you guys know that the winner of my Viviscal giveaway has been randomly selected and I am happy to announce that the winner is:

Franno from “The Happenings and Non-Happenings of Franno (


CONGRATULATIONS!! When you see this could you please email me all your details (such as your full name and address) to so I can send you on your prize!

I want to thank er’body who entered and once again, to all you lovely followers out there! I will be doing lots more giveaways in the future so please do keep your peepers peeled for that!

Okay,I’m off to get all uniformed up and have a sneeky cup of pre-work tea!

Mmmm tea

Thanks for reading, Bye! Kx:)


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