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Healthy… with a chance of chocolate

4 May

Hey guys,

Today’s post is not so much of a review but it is announcement of sorts. I’ve decided to embark on a healthy lifestyle-esque mission. No diets… no crazy gym sessions… just downright good ol’ fashioned healthiness. It’s not so much about losing weight but more to just shake myself up a bit and get back on track health-wise. I figured the only way to motivate myself, would be to record this “journey” here on my blog, where all you lovely readers out there are witnesses and in a sense my motivators.

I’m a food-obsessed girl.. I enjoy eating…and eating a lot. I will not be going cold-turkey on all the foods i love… I’ll just be applying the rule of moderation.

I put together a little “4-step plan” for myself.

  • Exercise more
  • drink more water
  • eat healthy and light
  • moderation moderation moderation

I’m a vegetarian.. so vegetables and fruit are already luckily a huge part of my daily meals.My pain problem is portion control… why have a slice of pizza when you could have an entire wagon wheel to yourself??….

I’m also perty lazy when it comes to exercise.. So i think this will be the main issue for me.

I hope to share my trials and tribulations with y’all. Perhaps share a few of the recipes of the meals i prepare and any tips I encounter on the way.

This is gonna be a toughie for me, so your support would mean a lot! Anybody with any tips or even some healthy recipes would be awesome and gratefully accepted.

Please leave any comments/tips below… or let me know if you’re part of a healthy eating regime at the moment too..

That’s all for now guys, thanks for reading… I’m off to eat some lettuce…. (I joke, I joke)

Bye Kx :)

Eye do Eye do believe in eye creams!

4 May

See what I did there with the title… Word play..ooooh yeah…..;)


Hey guys!

I’m baaaack! So so sorry for my absence.. I’m actually off work for the past while on a little mini holiday so I was away for a few days visiting the boyfriend.. But now, I’m back and ready for business! Wooh!


Today I’m going to be reviewing an eye cream which I actually bought a gazillion years ago…(slight exaggeration) but have only started using recently! I’ve gotta say, I’ve always been quite cynical about eye creams and eye gels etc.. I’ve always thought that they were an unnecessary expense and never really made any difference at all to your eyes whatsoever. HOWEVER, recently my sleeping pattern has been completely messed up, work was tiring me out and I was also pretty stressed… all of those took it’s toll on my skin but also on my eyes.. resulting in puffy tired looking peepers. As you can probably imagine, this is not a very attractive feature to have on your noggin.. so I made a dash to my crazy drawer of products that i’ve bought and never used.. and VOILA… I came across the La ROCHE-POSAY Hydraphase Intense for eyes… which states is for “intense rehydration anti-puffiness”. This is exactly what I needed, so I decided to start using it immediately but I had no high expectations.

How to use it:

For anyone wondering on how I use this gel, basically I apply it both in the morning and night-time (but once is probably more than enough..I’m just a tad excessive)  I squeeze the TEEENIEST amount onto my index finger and dabb the gel LIGHTLY below my eye. I then massage the gel (again lightly) around my eyes from the inside to the outer corner of my eye. This massaging is meant to kind of help get all the product into my skin and also helps to activate the lymph nodes (which in turn decreases the puffiness)…okay enough of the sciencey shizz!…

Here’s a little swatchy-swatch… cause I like the word swatch… (swatchswatchswatchswatchswatch..okay, I’m done)

This amount here is actually even too much for both eyes. You really only need the smallest teeniest amount.. so eh…squeeze lightly… hmmm….

Does it work???

Yes… and it annoys me in a way to admit it because I was and have always been so dayum cynical about eye creams and gels.. But this eye gel has really really helped me. I’ve been using it for just a little over two weeks now and I’ve already seen a huge decrease in the puffiness of my eyes. As for any other eyeskin-related problems such as dark circles or wrinkles, I can’t really say if it has been helpful. As regards to dark circles, I haven’t seen any astonishing results in that department but to be fair this product doesnt actually state that it specifically targets dark circles anyway. If  you are looking to banish dark circles, I would recommend looking for a cream or gel that is tailored to get rid of dark circles. (I’ve heard Olay do a great cream for it). Then, as regards to wrinkles and fine lines.. I really can’t say. As a 21 year old, I’m lucky to not have to worry about these for a little while yet.. so again I’d recommend getting a specfically tailored cream or gel to combat this problem

The bad boy in all its glory!

Overall thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed using this cream. It’s light, doesnt irritate my eyes or the skin around it. The tube is only teeny ( a mere 15ml) but a little goes a seriously long long way. AND lastly, it actually does what it states it will do. The ONLY downside to this product was its price. I think I paid roughly nearly 17 yo yos for this bad boy.. but the price does vary depending on where you buy it. This is quite pricey for such a small product..however because the product has been so impressive…it has somehow justified itself to me. I would love to try out some more eye creams.. perhaps some cheaper ones that do just a good a job as this one ( wishful thinking) so please please let me know if you have any recommendations!

That’s all for now guys! Thank you for reading! And i gotta say it feels goood to be back in the game!

Before I go, I’d just like to make a teeny announcement! I recently reached over 300 followers on this blog and I cannot put into words how exciteable and deliriously happy this makes me feel!!! I want to thank, once again, each and every one of you that has followed and read my blog! Y’all make me such a happy hippo! I will be doing another giveaway soon,.. so keep your peepers peeled fo’ that!!

And for anybody who wants to chat or ask me anything, here’s a link to my new facebook.. so c’mon over! :)

Until next time, Bye Kx :) xx


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