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Work yo’ eyebrows yo: DIY eyebrow tweezing

31 May

Hey guys!

Today my blog has gone EYEBROW MAD! (not quite) but I will be showing you some quick and easy tips on how to get lovely neatly shaped eyebrows all by yourself! :) So read on if you’re suitably intrigued…

My first bit of advice is: Don’t be a brow fashion victim. Brow shapes come and go in the fashion world… from bushy thick brows a la Hepburn to the teeniest eyebrows a la… drag queen…




Personally, I would recommend that you stick to a fashion-neutral slim and neat brow, with a slight arch. Most importantly, always follow the natural shape or your eyebrows but just neaten them up a tad. If you diverge too far from the natural flow of your brow, this is when it can end up looking fake and silly.

How to get the perfect shape?

To work out where your brow should end: hold a brow pencil (or any pencil) diagonally from the nostril following the outside of your eye. Extend the pencil past the outer corner of your eye. Where it meets the brow line is the correct length.

Determining where your brow should end

To determine the arch: Hold the pencil parallel to the outside of your iris. This will indicate the highest part of the arch.

Determining the arch

To work out where your brow should start, hope the pencil parallel to the side of your nose..and where it hits the brow bone is where it should begin.

The technique

Here are some tips and tricks that I have learned when tweezing your own eyebrows:

  • Apply a dab of witch hazel or tea tree oil to avoid infection
  • Brush eyebrows upwards and outwards to give them a neat finish
  • Tweezing should be done after a bath or shower when your skin is soft and supple; this will reduce the pain.
  • Always always always pluck in natural light
  • Don’t neglect the area between your two brows. The uni-brow is never ever in fashion. Hold tweezers straight- pull skin upwards towards the forehead and pluck any stray hairs from between the brows.
  • If you are a complete wuss when it comes to pain, try numbing your brows first with ice or even with Bonjela ( product used to numb gums- found in most pharmacies)
  • After you’ve tweezed, apply aloe vera gel to the area to reduce the redness

The tools:

  1. A good pair of tweezers: my philosophy has always been that more expensive brands don’t always mean the best brand. When it comes to tweezers, you don’t necessarily have to splurge on expensive brands… but do make sure that your tweezer has a good grip and has a slim enough end to nab all the tiniest hairs.
  2. Eyebrow brush: You can buy these pretty much anywhere and do not need to be expensive. Use this to groom your eyebrows once they’ve been tweezed and before tweezing to help you determine your shape.
  3. Eyebrow pencil or eyebrow shadow: Unless you’re naturally blessed with thick eyebrows, Use these to fill in your eyebrows and give them a nice defined look. I personally use an eyebrow pencil as i find it easier to work with and you won’t find any excess powder residue on your face after.
  4. Eyebrow gel: This is an optional extra step but it will “set” your eyebrows and keep them nice and neat. If you can’t find an eyebrow gel, clear mascara works just as well.
  5. A good mirror: When it comes to tweezing my eyebrows at home, I always use a magnifying mirror in a well lit room in order to make sure i’ve got all the nasty little hairs. Never use a teeny tiny mirror as its better to see your whole face so you can get an idea of how the overall look of the eyebrow will appear on your face.


If you are one of those people who prefers to leave their precious eyebrow’s life in the hands of a professional, there are so many options available to you now. Eyebrow shaping is available in pretty much all salons and beauticians and at pretty reasonable prices too. Most large department stores also now have a “brow bar”. My personal favourite is the one at Benefit.

When opting for the professional route you can opt for tweezing, waxing or threading. It’s better to research all of these methods before hand and decide which one is best for you. And remember, less is more. Always ask for a slight arch and a nice slender shape. The professional can always tweeze more after once she’s finished.

That’s all for now folks, hope you found some of these tips helpful. Let me know if you have any eyebrow tips of your own!

Thanks for reading, Bye Kx:)

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Mini Review and Giveaway: Viviscal hair supplements – CLOSED

29 May

Hey guys

Yes, this is ANOTHER giveaway. This time, I was lucky enough to be sent a packet of the new craze in hair care: Viviscal hair repair supplements.

About Viviscal:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with these new hair chummys.. Viviscal is a natural supplement aimed to repair your hair. They are tablets used to “Nourish and restore natural health and beauty to damaged hair” (what it says on the box) The supplement contains Amino Mar C (which is apparently a patented marine complex) as well as Selenium, Biotin, Folic Acid, Zinc and Grape Seed extract…so loads of natural lovelies for your hair. Here’s for the exciting bit… REESE WITHERSPOON has admitted Viviscal as one of her “secret beauty secrets” and has been quoted saying ” Viviscal is a must have for keeping my hair healthy and shiney. When I’m working on a movie, they blow-dry and cut my hair quite a bit so I take these hair supplements to keep it healthy” …. Aaaaah nothing like a bit o’ celeb endorsement!  Still quite exciting though.. right?!…

Viviscal is priced at 24.95 yo yos for 30 tablets (month’s supply) and need to be taken daily for the full effect to take place. You can purchase Viviscal on 1890 60 18 01 ( for Irish ladies) or on their website You will also find them cropping up in most leading pharmacies and health stores nationwide. However, if you’d like to be in for a chance to win a month’s supply completely free keep on reading… (oooh the suspense! ;) )

Viviscal Hair repair supplements

My experiences:

If you have been reading my blog for awhile now, you’ll know that I actually started using these supplements myself waaaay back, however I never got around to reviewing them for you.

When I started using them, my hair was in pretty good condition with little or no damage, however I thought I’d give them a whirl and see what all the fuss was about. These supplements definitely made a difference to my hairs appearance making it extra shiny and glossy. I believe it also helped in my hairs growth rate too.

However, recently I have started dying my hair again… had a bit of bother with some bleach (eeeek) and now my hair is in need of these supplements more than ever. I’m gonna repurchase these babies again and fingers crossed they work their miracle on me!

Overall, I’d really recommend these supplements to somebody with damaged or dry hair or even for somebody who just wants to give their hair a good ol’ boost. No matter what the season… healthy hair is ALWAYS in fashion… so it’s nice to finally see a product in the market that actually works at restoring your hair :) This product gets a huge sleepingbootay thumbs up…and I can’t wait to try them out on my newly coloured hair. Watch this space for an updated review folks! :)


Now onto the good stuff…GIVEAWAY TIME!

How to enter Giveaway:

If you would like to get your hands on a month’s supply of these bad boys, all you have to do is:

  1.  Be a follower/subscribe to this blog. You do not need a wordpress account to be a follower.. Simply click on the “follow by email” button to the right of my blog! Easy peeeasy!
  2.  “Like” the Viviscal Ireland Facebook page by clicking this link:
  3.  Comment under this post and let me know that you have completed these steps and also answer this question: What is your favourite hair product and why?

Terms and conditions

  • This giveaway is open to everybody, worldwide.. however you must complete ALL the steps above or your entry will not be counted. Unfortunately there can only be one winner so good luck to er’body! :)
  • The winners will be yet again be selected randomly via my trusty source so all will be lovely and fair
  • Giveaway will run for 1 week ending the 4th of June

That’s all for now folks! Good luck to everyone and get entering! :)

Thanks for reading! Bye Kx :)

Hair love: Easy peasy DIY hair masks

28 May

Hey guys,

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been feeling pretty crappy lately. Between hayfever, feeling sick and a bad hairdresser experience, I’ve royally had enough so, I was sitting in bed trying to think of things that would cheer me up and I decided to give myself some pampering…starting with my hair.

So today I’m going to be sharing with you a few DIY hair masks that are simple to make and are kind to your bank account. When it comes to fashion, healthy hair is always in style, however, hair masks can be quite pricey when bought in shops. The masks below mostly consist of things that you probably already have in your kitchen cupboard. They are cheap, contain no harsh chemicals and are just as effective as expensive shop bought versions. I’ve tried to include a hair mask to suit all hair types.. but knowing me I’ve probably left some out. If I have, please leave a comment below and I’ll find one for you or alternatively just give “DIY hair masks” a good ol’ Google. There are recipes EVERYWHERE on the internet I can tells ya!

Some vital DIY hair mask ingredients!

Hydrating Oil Mask

  • 4tbsp of olive oil
  • 2 tbsp of honey

Heat up the olive oil for 20-3- seconds in the microwave before mixing with the honey. After applying to your hair, pop on a shower-cap to lock in the mixture. Leave in for 20mins and then rinse hair thoroughly.

Restorative mask

  • 1 egg
  • 1 banana
  • 2 tbsp of honey
  • 1/2 of avocado
  • 3 tbsp of virgin olive oil
  • 3 tbsp of buttermilk

Mix all ingredients together until it turns into a paste. Smooth throughout the hair. Leave on for 20-30 mins and then rinse thoroughly.

Mask for oily hair

  • 5 tbsp of yogurt
  • 1 tbsp o baking soda
  • 1 tbsp of fresh lemon juice

Mix all ingredients until forms a paste-like form. Smooth through hair focusing on roots. Leave on for 40mins. Repeat once a week for best results.

Shiny hair mask

  • 2 bananas
  • 3 tbsp of mayonaise
  • 1 tbsp of olive oil

Mix all ingredients into a paste, smooth throughout hair, leave in for 30mins and rinse.

Mask for dry hair

  • 1 banana
  • few drops of almond oil

Mix ingredients. Work onto hair focusing on the ends. Leave for 15-30 mins.. and repeat once a week to see the best results.

Ok I realise that for some people, the idea of putting food into your hair is strange and in some ways..yucky..however, I do promise you that you will completely get used to it and even end up becoming obsessed.. word of caution though… know your limitations…

  • honey, milk, eggs etc = yes yes yes
  • fries, ketchup and a hamburger= no no no… (unless your’e into that of course…*dodgey eyes* ha)

Ok guys that’s all I got! Hope you enjoy making and using them! Let me know if you have any recipes for home-made hair masks! I’d loooove to hear them!

Thanks for reading, Bye Kx:)

*Drum roll* Aaaaaaand the winner is…..

25 May

Hey guys,

Another sleepingbootay “Thumbs up”

Yes as you may have guessed from the title.. today I’m gonna be announcing the winner of my most recent giveaway! The time has absolutely flown and I just want to thank each and every one of you that has entered this competition and everyone who follows me in general! Ye all are only FABULOUS! This giveaway was held in order to celebrate 400 followers on this blog.. however, as of yesterday I’ve just gained 500 FOLLOWERS! As you can imagine, I’m overwhelmed, shocked and extremely grateful that there are 500 of you out there who took the time to check out my blog.. so really guys thank you all so much for your continuous support and laaaaavely comments!

Ok, so now onto the winner, just like my two previous giveaways, the winner was randomly selected via my trusty source so everything was all lovely and fair.

So without further a do…

I’d like to announce that the winner of my Lush Giveaway  is: Dejavu A’ La Mode.  (

Congratulations!!!! Thank you so much for entering and for following me. As soon as you see this, could you please email me at: with all your details such as your full name and address etc. so that I can get sending you on your goodies! :)

In case you have forgotten you have won these sexy bad boys:

Aaaaah so exciteable.. I truly do love a good giveaway.

I know I’ve said it before, but I just want to say it again and truly stress just how grateful I am of each and every one of my followers. There’s nothing better than coming on here after a crappy day at work, and reading all your lovely comments! Y’all keep me happy…so keep doing your thangs! :)

I’m planning to do quite a big giveaway in a few weeks.. so please do keep your eyes peeled for that. And I also have an exciting mini little giveaway that I shall be posting within the next few stay tuned! We really are going giveaway mad over here at the sleepingbootay offices.. and by offices… I mean my bedroom ;)

That’s all for now guys, congrats again to my giveaway winner (look forward to hearing from you) and thank you all for reading!

Until next time, Bye Kx:)

Happy Soles

20 May

Hey guys,

Okay at the risk of sounding like I have a dodgy foot fetish ( which I can assure you, I certainly do not) I’d like to say that, I appreciate a good looking foot… Wow.. okay there really is no un-weird way of saying that!

What I mean is, there’s nothing worse than seeing someones ugly foot. As summer is approaching, we all tend to want to show off our feet a tad more. This means they need to be suitable for a public appearance.

Here are a few tips to get some happy soles… see what I did there… ;)

Your happy soles kit (what you’ll need for happy feet):

  • A nail scissors/ nail clippers
  • Foot file like the Ped Egg or a pumice stone
  • Nail file
  • Toe seperaters
  • Foot cream
  • Heel cream
  • Foot soak
  • Nail varnish of your choice
A quick pedicure:
  1. Remove any polish from your toes, give your feet a good buff to get rid of any yucky dry skin. To do this you could use a foot file or a pumice stone that you can buy in pretty much all pharmacies. I use the Ped Egg as its really quick and painless.
  2. Next soak your feet in warm water with a nice refreshing foot soak… foot soaks do not need to be expensive but its always nice to buy something that has a fresh minty scent.
  3. Next its time to cut those toe nails. A top tip to avoid the risk of ingrown nails is to cut the nail straight across and not too short. After clipping/cutting your nails, carefully file the nail so that the edges are smooth.
  4. Then, slip a toe separator between your toes to avoid smudging the nail polish whilst it dries. Apply a base coat to avoid staining and then apply a few coats of your favourite nail polish. Personally I prefer darker colours on my toe nails such as reds and deep pinks such as Rimmel’s “Double Decker Red” and Nails Inc “Hampstead Heath”.
  5. Finally, once your nails are completely dry, rub a generous amount of heel cream to  your heels to stop cracked heels. (I use Soap & Glory’s Heel Genius, which works amazingly and smells great too). Then finish by applying an every day foot cream all around your feet, massaging gently to relax your feet.
Aaaand you’re done! It’s recommended to repeat this short pedicure once a week to keep them in tip top condition.
That’s all for now guys, hope you enjoyed these short tips.
If any of you have any tips on how to care for your feet or any products you would recommend, please leave them in a comment below!
Until next time guys, thanks for reading, Bye Kx:)
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Blogs I love! Edition 2

17 May

Hey guys!

So this month, I’ve carried on my blogcreeping trend and I’ve literally gone blog crazy. I just cannot get enough of them. Back in March I did my first edition of “Blogs I love”  where I posted links to my favourite bloggers and explained why I thought they were so goddamn superb… yes..superb! (Check out Edition 1 of Blogs I love here: This month I’ve got a whole new batch of lovely blogs to share with you, which I’m pretty sure y’all will love too!

It’s true..

Firstly, I know I’ve mentioned her in the first edition, however, my love for this girl has gotten stronger. At the risk of sounding like a dodgy stalker, I want to meet this girl so badly. She is just hilarious, so lovely, down to earth, honest and on top of all that she has an ADORABLE baby. Her name is Louise (SprinkleofGlitter) and her blog is Please check her out, your laughing muscles will thank you. I’mma make it my mission to meet her at some stage of my life…and once I have, I’ll know i’ve made it in the blogging world ha. Okay.. enough with the crazy fangirl moment…

Aaaaand onto some newbie blogs I’ve been loving:

  • Written by my real life gal-pal Louise. To put simply, this girl is a domestic goddess.. in fact she is THE domestic goddess of all domestic goddesses.  Her blog is a real treat for your eyes, featuring DIY, interior design , recipes and more.  I know I am biased… but it’s amazing. Check it out and I can guarantee you’ll be instantly enchanted with her lovely way of words.
  • This blog was actually recommended on SprinkleofGlitter’s blog quite awhile back now. And because I trust her judgement so much , I went to check her out. This blog is amazing for tips on how to have great style with a budget. She offers great tips on how to save your precious pennies, DIY beauty recipes, outfit of the days and much much more. Every week or so, she also posts links to discounts that are happening in stores or discount codes to be used on online stores. Which is so so handy for us broke-ass girls looking for a bargain. On top of all that, she’s just lovely and quirky.. my favourite kind of mixture.
  • Next are two lovely bloggers that I was lucky to meet at The Body Shop “Beauty with Heart” launch event.  and Both of these girls give really helpful beauty tips and honest product reviews. So happy I met them so I could discover their blogs! Seriously check them out! :)
  • I’m pretty sure this blog needs no introduction as she is pretty “Up there” in the blogging world. However, I couldn’t not mention her. I first discovered her YouTube channel under the same name.. and it was love at first site. Ha. This girl has the same sense of humour as me, is ridiculously stunning (damn her) and her blog is pretty addictive too. Give her blog a read (if you haven’t already) and be prepared to be reading into the wee hours of the morning!
  • This is another blog that I can’t believe I missed out including in my first edition. Gemma is another one of the blogger queens.. her blog is huge (as is her YouTube channel) But for anyone who doesn’t know her..Go check her out now! She makes blogging look so effortless. She gives make-up tutorials, reviews, you name it! I especially go to her blog when I want tips for skincare…as she really knows her stuff. Give her an ol’ read, you won’t be disappointed!
  • And last but not least, for any of you here on WordPress are looking to get your blog “out there” is offering you a chance to have your blog included in his blog directory. Click on the link and follow the instructions. I think this is a really good idea.. its nice to help out your fellow bloggers as the blogging world can be a tough ol’ place at times. It’s also handy to have somewhere where you can easily browse through some blogs in the comfort of our dear home WordPress!

Okay folks, I’m gonna leave it there for today. I still have some really fabulous blogs to share with you so stay tuned for Edition 3. Hope this post wasn’t boring for you and I’d really recommend that you check out some of the blogs Ive mentioned. I’d also love to hear from all of you and what your favourite blogs are… Leave their links below in a comment..cause I’m always on the look-out for new blogs to creep on! ……Obsessed… ;)

Hope you are all well and thanks for reading!

Until next time, Bye Kx:)

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The Body Shop’s “Beauty with Heart” launch party….Eeeeep!

16 May

Hey Guys!

Yesterday I attended an INSANELY EXCITING event held by The Body Shop to celebrate the launch of their new range “Beauty with Heart”. which is a new beauty movement which aims to “create a community of individuals who are united in their belief that beauty is more than skin deep”.

Background info:

They claim that this new movement “Beauty with Heart” is the combined power of:

  • Looking Good: by using products that are powered by nature and are rich in the highest quality ingredients
  • Feeling Good: as a result of the textures and fragrances that burst out of The Body Shop products and onto the skin
  • Doing Good: by using a brand that concentrates on helping others through its Community Fair Trade programme, its campaigns , its commitment to animal welfare and its endeavour to Protect The Planet.
All in all, The Body Shop pretty much stands up for everything I believe in. As a loyal vegetarian and a self-proclaimed environmentalist, I appreciate a company that not only wants to create products that make you feel good on the outside.. but also on the inside. I like that, when you buy these products you are doing good to your body AND  for some really good causes too!
The Event itself

As I entered the store, I was greeted at the door with champagne (enough said)…and we were spoiled with cake, sweeties, chocolate fountain, strawberries… It’s pretty much like they peeked into my brain.. and took out all the things I love and popped them on a pretty table… HEAVEN!

Some of the sweeties on offer.. NOM

“Shampoo Hair & Beauty” were also at the event.. available to do up yo’ barnett and make it all perty . I was lucky enough to get my hair curled by a lovely friendly hairdresser…Loved it so much I’m considering purchasing the Babyliss curling wand. ..what do you guys think?

Me with my huuuur all did!! What do you guys think?

We were then seated and given a presentation about the event.. I felt VERY professional I can tells ya.

PR Information that accompanied the presentation… oh-er…professional…

Here are some of the things that I learned:

  1. Their Body butters are their best selling product with one sold every 2 seconds..and I can see why… they are dayum delicious! We also learned that the body butters are produced just like chocolate! The raw ingredients are warmed to a high temperature before being put into jars and then cooled to create a firm consistency. I found this point particularly interesting just because they mentioned chocolate (lol)
  2. All products are 100% vegetarian friendly (which was good news for my veggie self)
  3. All brushes are made from synthetic hair instead of goats hair
  4. Lots of make-up brands use bug-shells (ew) to create the pigments in their products … however The Body Shop uses a cruelty-free ingredient called mica ( a synthetic ingredient).. which gives you a sexy (and guilt-free) glow! :)

Presentation of the new range

We then, were treated to a mini-make-up tutorial using Lily Cole’s (who is the new face of The Body Shop) new make-up collection. Included in that collection is: a pearl radiance primer, shimmer cubes and Lip and Cheek Domes. Personally I’m dying to try them all out!

Make-up tutorial

Oooh and top tip from the MUA herself: When applying liquid eyeliner… apply it in small dots along the upper lash line to create a straight and smooth line. I found this really helpful as I find liquid eyeliner the trickiest to apply.

Throughout the evening we were given the chance to sample all the new (and old) products and ask as many questions as we wanted. New products that have been introduced include: New body butters, body mists, beautifying oils for body, face and hair and the  Lily Cole make-up collection.

The new Body Mists range: which comes in scents such as Coconut, Mango and Strawberry! mmmm

The old favourites: Body Butters… all newly packaged and what not

Whilst at the event, I got to mingle with some fellow Irish beauty bloggers…and was lucky to meet to such lovely ones: Laura from WhatLarryLoves and Celeste from MadamesMadeUp..(I’ll leave their links below….check them out they are fabulous)

From left: Laura (whatlarryloves), Celeste( Madamesmadeup) and myself (Sleepingbootay)

To top the night off nicely, we were kindly given a goodie back each filled with some of the new products from their range.. I may have squealed a little but I don’t care… I was stupidly excited! The goodie bag included full-sized versions of:

  • Their new Coconut Body Mist
  • Their new Mango Body Mist
  • Their new Shea Beautifying Oil
  • A pearl radiance primer from the new Lily Cole make-up collection.
  • A “The Body Shop” bag for life.. to carry all the sexy shizz in! :)

Goody bag goodies…mmmmm

I’ll be doing a separate review on these products in another blog post so keep your peepers peeled for that one!

All in all it was an absolutely fabulous night and I feel so lucky to have been able to attend! The Body Shop definitely gets  a huge sleepingbootay thumbs up! Three cheers for The Body Shop!! :) HURRAH!

If you’d like to read more about their new campaign, head on  over to their website to check out more of their new range:

And here are the two links of the lovely bloggers that I met: Be sure to check them out and send them my love!

Okay so that’s all for now folks, really hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it! Would love to hear from you if you have been to any Body Shop events or please tell me what your favourite Body Shop products are.

Until Next time, Bye Kx:)

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Getting your Bootay Sleep…

12 May

Hi guys!

Today I have a beauty tip for you that’s completely and utterly FREE! Oh-er…

It’s the age old rule and a beauty secret that has been passed down for centuries.. that we all need our beauty sleep. It helps keep our skin looking fresh and our eyes all sparkly. However, I don’t know about you, but recently I’ve been finding it really hard to get to sleep and as a self-confessed bed and sleep lover.. this will just not do! I know, that in this day and age, a lot of people suffer from insomnia due to stress or a busy lifestyle. So I thought I’d put together a few small tips that I use when I find myself awake at 3am playing Angry Birds… (Not a good look)

  • Try and avoid coffee or anything high in caffeine before bed
  • Try and avoid eating or drinking any food or drink that may cause acid gas or wind such as spicy food or fizzy drinks.
  • Don’t go to bed hungry.. have a light snack before hitting the hay if you need to.
  • Eat your evening meal early and make it light.. otherwise your tummy will keep you up while it tries to digest!
  • Drink water before you sleep and even keep a glass beside your bed. Dehydration makes your pulse rate go up, making you feel awake and sometimes anxious.
  • Get rid of electronic gadgets such as your laptop, phone, ipod.. these will distract you from sleeping time!
  • Set yourself a regular bedtime.. this way your brain gets used to a routine and will tell your body to expect sleep at that time each night
  • Wind down before sleep.. do something relaxing like reading a book (OR Sleepingbootay ;) ) I find having a nice warm bath really works.
  • Avoid tight fitting clothes.. wear something loose and light. And don’t sleep with too many clothes! Even better.. sleep in the nip wearing only your favourite scent… very Marilyn Monroe!

That’s all for now folks! Hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! The tips above were only a few tips and I’m sure there are lots more useful ones out there so please let me know if you have anymore tips on how to wind down or combat the evil insomnia!

Thanks for reading and Happy slumber! Bye Kx:)


400 Followers Giveaway!! Eeeeeeeep :D – CLOSED

11 May


This morning I woke up to 400 FOLLOWERS so you can just imagine how excitable  I am! Breakfast was accompanied by a series of “happy dances” and a few chirpy songs I can tells ya!  The fact that there are 400 people out there who have seen my blog and taken the time to read it and follow it is just mindboggling to me and makes me such a happy happy hippo and a smiley bear! Once again I want to thank each and every one of you, without you all this blog wouldn’t be what it is! :)

Because I’m so happy and soooo thankful to all of you lovely readers /followers. I’ve decided to do another Giveaway!

This time,  because I’m such a HUGE fan of their products, I’ll be giving away some nom-tastic Lush goodies including:

  • Lush Tea Tree Water (250g): A best-selling toner for Normal to Oily skin.Tone and detoxify oily skin with tea tree, grapefruit and juniper.
  • Lush R&B Revive and Balance Finishing hair moisturiser (100g): Get some revive and balance back into dry , brittle hair to give strenghth, shine and some seriously sexy tresses.
  • Lush Celestial (45g) heavenly moisturiser for sensitive skin: a vanilla, almond milk and dove orchid moisturiser for sensitive skin.

Mmmmm Lush goodies smell soooo goood! :)

Rules to enter are simple:

  1. You MUST be a follower of this blog! And do not fear, you don’t need a WordPress account to follow me… there’s an option to follow me by email on the right hand side of my blog :)
  2. Like the Sleepingbootay Facebook page:
  3. Leave a comment below telling me that you’ve completed all these steps and answer this teeny question: What is your most favourite scent in the whole wide world? 
Terms and conditions: 
This Giveaway is open to everyone around the world but Please please make sure that you’ve covered all the steps for entering. Only those who’ve completed the 3 short steps will be counted in the Giveaway. As usual, the winner will be selected randomly via my trusty source.. Winners of my previous giveaways are not excluded and can still enter with the chance to win. All products included in the giveaway were purchased out of my own money.
The Giveaway will run for 2 weeks ending the 25th of May 2012.
Happy Entering and THANK Y’ALL again!!
Until Next time, Bye Kx :)

Quick Thursday Tip: Give your brushes a little love

10 May

Hey guys,

Just a reeeally quick tip here for you today. This is a pretty standard tip, and I’m sure plenty of you know this and even do this regularly but I know that it’s something that I used to neglect and know I find that doing it, makes a huge difference! What is this bloody tip you may ask?…

Clean brushes are the shizz!

Wash yo’ brushes yo! 

Dirty brushes are one of the main things that can upset your skin. Logically, if you don’t wash them you’re just letting all the make-up and bacteria build up on your brush and everyday you are applying that shizz right back onto your face.

I tend to wash my brushes about once a week… or every few days for my foundation and powder brushes.

Washing them is reeeally simple. You don’t need any swanky expensive formulas ( even though I have heard there are some good ones on the market, including MAC’s range). I use a non-fragranced baby shampoo that I bought from Tesco and it works like a charm. If you are going to use a baby shampoo.. I would recommend a non-fragranced one…as it will be less harsh on your face. If you dont want to use a baby shampoo.. you could always use a make-up cleanser… but I think this would be kind of a waste!

My make-up brush cleaner kit: Tesco Baby: Soft and Gentle Shampoo and Boots Essentials: Eye make-up remover gel in cucumber! :)

For your eye brushes… I would recommend using an inexpensive eye make-up remover. It will remove the make-up reaally quickly and will still be gentle enough for your eyes.

Simply bathe the brushes in warm water and clean each one with the shampoo. Repeat until the brushes are spick and span. Leave the brushes to dry on a clean dry surface… perhaps on a clean dry towel… or if needed dry them off with your hairdryer. And TAH-DAH.. you’ve got yourself some sexy-ass clean brushes.

I will admit, this whole process may seem tedious or time consuming but it honestly does make a lot of difference to your skin AND it prolongs the lifespan of your brushes too! Win win!

Hope this tip was somewhat helpful…or at least gave you some food for thought.

Let me know if you have anymore tips on cleaning your brushes

Thanks for reading guys, Bye Kx:)


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