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Happy Friday!

27 Apr

Happy Friday er’body! Yay for the weekend! I have just one more day of work to endure and then I am off for a whole WEEK…to catch up on some serious eating and sleeping!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! And yes… that is a cat…in a hat and yes he’s got some serious cat swag going on..

What are all of your plans for the weekend??  Let me know below! :)


Bitches be chillin’…

27 Apr

So today I finished work super super early and had the entire day to myself to do as I wished. I cleared out the entirety of my wardrobe, (which I can assure you is no easy feat!!) and then I settled into my bed for the evening. As I was feeling kinda poopy and not all together great, I needed something to give me a boost. Lots of people I’ve noticed have SOMETHING which can instantly cheer them up and make them smile. For me it’s the movie The Jungle Book. I’m sure pretty much all of you are familiar with this story (if you’re not then.. I’m sorry, you fail horribly as a person) I am a MASSIVE Disney fan.. and by MASSIVE I mean Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssive! But this film in particular just makes me so so happy. Whenever I’m feeling down or I just need a pick-me-up… in pops this DVD and boom.. Happy Kate. For extra back-up, I also have the entire soundtrack downloaded onto my iPod so i’ve got an instant happiness injection on the go!

I’m aware that this post will probably seem pretty pointless and is very different to my usual “beauty product themed” posts, however, I was lying in bed thinking about how much love I have for this movie and I felt the need to share this love on my blog…which is what blogs are for right?!

Right, well now I’m off to make some tea… another thing on the “what makes Kate happy list”!

Would love to hear what things cheer you guys up or puts a smile on your noggins after a crappy day? Please leave it in a comment below! :)

Stay happy guys and thanks for reading! :)


Sensitive skin SOS

23 Apr

Hey guys,

Apologies for my MIA-ness over the past while.. I’ve been working and studying….(and sleeping..sshhh) loads recently and have just been generally super busy. I’ve got tons of reviews lined up for the next few weeks.. but I thought I would get back in the game with a post about sensitive skin. As most of you will probably know..seeing as I mention it in pretty much every single one of my posts (ha, sorry about that) I have severely sensitive skin… it reacts to EVERYTHING! I also have a slight form of eczema just to top things off nicely. (you can read all about my experiences and how to deal with eczema here: Over the past few years, I have tried and tested so so many products to help combat this sensitivity. Some have been successful and some have been just downright uuuugly! I feel that there aren’t enough products out there for us sensitive-faced-peeps. However I have found a few that work wonders for me and I’d like to share them with you.

Sleepingbootay goes completely bare-faced and make-up less! Sigh... the things I do for this blog....

DISCLAIMER:I just want to firstly state ( before some annoying person states it for me)  that I am in no way a trained dermatologist, I’m not a science buff or a professional. These are just some tips that I go by and some products that I find to be really helpful. Everybody’s skin is different and therefore can react to certain products differently.

My skin type:

I have sensitive combination skin with a slight form of eczema.

While this post is obviously more targeted towards those with the same skin type as me, a lot of the tips can be helpful for everybody no matter what skin type you have. Those who are blessed with “normal skin” can luckily usually use any products they wish.. however the products and tips I mention below will also  be relevant. Any body with very oily or very dry skin will probably have a different skin routine and a different list of products that you many use.. but I do hope some of these tips will be helpful to you too!  There’s a little bit for everyone.

What is sensitive skin? 

It is commonly dry and delicate skin which is prone to allergic reactions. It is skin that reacts quickly to both heat and cold; therefore, it sunburns and windburns easily.

Some symptoms that you might experience with sensitive skin:

  • the skin can appear inflamed or red which can occur in blotches around the face or body.
  • Irritation and itchiness
  • Skin can feel or appear red or tight
  • Broken red veins can occur most commonly around the nose and cheek area.
  • In some cases, painful rashes can occur..especially after shaving.

What is combination skin?

This is skin that is neither completely oily or completely dry, but instead a combination of the two (see that’s why its called combination skin ;) ) People with combination skin can experience this combination in many different ways but most commonly they find dryness around the cheek area and then have an oily T-zone ( forehead, nose and chin).

What is eczema: 

In order to not bore anybody who has already read my post about eczema, I will just leave the link to it here:

In this post, I just discuss what eczema is, the symptoms, my experience with it and treatments I find to be helpful in dealing with it.

Ingredients and things to stay away from if you have sensitive skin/eczema:

  • Antibacterial or deodorant ingredients
  • Alcohol
  • Retinoids or alpha-hydroxy acids
  • Highly-fragranced products, especially products that contain “perfume” in the ingredients list.
  • Tea tree oil: this is a personal one as I have found that I am highly reactive to this ingredient. While it is great for getting rid of spots and blemishes, it is waaay too harsh for my sensitive skin and eczema. It’s just something to be wary of if you haven’t already tried it.

Good ingredients to look out for:

It’s best to look out for products with very little ingredients; the less ingredients the better. Also, anything that has little or no fragrance. Be careful of products that state they are for “sensitive skin” or “hypoallergenic”. The FDA have stated that there are no official federal standards governing manufacturers use of the term”Hypoallergenic”, so companies are often free to use it as they wish. Always read the ingredients and stay away from the “Baddies” that I’ve mentioned above!

Calming essential oils such as:Chamomile,Lavender,Neroli ,Rose, Aloe vera, Sandalwood are all good at soothing irritated skin. But as with all products its best to do a swab test before applying any of these extensively around your face or body.

Products I find to be useful:

On my face I use: Dermalogica Ultracalming range, La ROCHE-POSAY, Avene, Simple.

On my Body I use: e45, Sanex, Dove ( Dove also now have a new range out called Dove Sensitive which is meant to be extra gentle to sensitive skin)

Hair removal: Gillette Venus sensitive blades and shaving foam and Wilkinson Sword Intuition blades which contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

My favourite eye make-up removers: Boots Simply sensitive range, Nivea Extra gentle make-up remover and La-ROCHE-POSAY:

My "sensitive skin combating kit"...cause I'm cool like that!

If you have any questions at all about any of the products that I’ve shown above, please don’t hesitate to ask. :)

Other helpful tips (cause who doesn’t like to be helpful afterall?):

Before putting a new product on your sensitive skin, do the following:

  • Every day for 5 days, apply a small amount behind an ear and leave it on overnight.
  • If your skin does not become irritated, follow the same procedure, this time applying the product on an area alongside an eye.
  • If you continue to be irritation free, the product should be safe for you to apply on any area(s) of your face

- Pat your skin dry when you get out of the shower or bath OR if you have the time.. lie around and let yourself dry naturally. The less rubbing and tugging you do to your skin the better.

- Don’t OVER ex-foliate your skin. Of course ex-foliation is good for your skin as it gets rid of any dry dead skin and makes your skin look healthier. However, excessive scrubbing of your face can irritate the skin, cause irritation and inflammation and can often result in your skin becoming too dry and tight. Those with sensitive skin, should ex-foliate maybe, once or twice a week.. using gentle circular motions and avoiding any harsh “scrubbing”.

- Certain detergents or washing powders that you use on your clothes can irritate your they contain strong ingredients and often strong fragrances. Try to go for ones that are “Non-bio” as they are kinder to skin and choose if possible ones with little or no fragrance.

- Throw out old cosmetics, which can spoil or become contaminated.

- Always clean your make-up brushes…this should be done, if possible, once a week (especially your foundation brush).Your brushes can harbour quite a lot of bacteria which you will be applying to your face daily if they are not cleaned regularly.

- Sometimes the type of fabric you wear can even irritate your skin. Try to wear Smooth, soft, natural fabrics, such as fine cotton and silk. Rayon and linen are also comfortable for sensitive skin but are heavier than cotton or silk. Clothing should be loose fitting with a minimum of potentially irritating creases and folds.

- Often, the food you eat can react badly with you and can also cause skin reactions. If you feel this happens to you, it’s best to contact a doctor or go to get a food allergy tests…most pharmacies these days offer these kinds of tests. If you are unsure, maybe keep a food diary for a week or so.. write down every food that you eat and if you experience any skin discomfort after eating any meal. Food allergies are common and one of the main symptoms is a skin reaction of some sort.

- Make sure you get enough nutrients and vitamins so that your skin can be in tip top condition. The healthier you are in the inside, the more healthier you appear from the outside. This is particularly true for your skin. Drink lots and lots of water throughout the day and eat lots of fruit and veg, Some of the best vitamins targeted for healthy skin are: Vitamin C, E and A, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Zinc and Silica.

- Aaaand lastly but just as important, be kind to your skin. Give it a break every now and again with “make-up-free days” or treat yourself to a facial. As corny as it sounds,.,if you love your skin, it will love you back.

Yaaaaaaay for skin love! :)

I really hope this helped you in some little way.If you have any questions at all please ask.. either by comment or you can email me at or even drop me a message at my new Facebook page:

Thanks again for reading guys and I hope you are all well! :)

Until next time, Byyyye! Kx :)

New Teeeny-tiny update: I have Facebook now…:)

19 Apr

Hey Guys…

I know what y’all are thinking….”She only JUST has Facebook now??!”…Let me just clarify that I am indeed down with kool cats of this century…I already have a Facebook account…however that account is my own personal account… where I ramble on and on about mundane daily happenings and obsess over cats and tea..and really, who needs to see that?!…


This new account will be a Facebook page in connection with this blog. I thought it would be nice to have a place where I can actually interact properly with all of you lovelies out there who follow me. I will update my Facebook regularly with links to new blog posts on here.. I’ll answer any questions you have and I will also be taking any suggestions or blog post requests.

The link to my new Facebook page is:

So go on and give it an ol’ “Like”!

Make sure to leave me a nice comment here and there…so I don’t look so sad and lonely and feel free to leave me any of your questions… OH and a poke wouldn’t go astray either…fyi. ;)

So come on in folks… there’s tea and banter for all!*



And a teeny side note:

For any of you who are wondering why I have been slacking in the blog post department.. fear not…I shall be back in the game verrrry soon. And I have tons and tons of reviews lined up to annoy you all! So stay tuned for that shizz! :)

For any of you who do not have Facebook(which is highly unlikely) fear not, I also have a Twitter account:!/xxxbandgeekxxx ( this is my personal twitter account.. i’ll be working on a sleepingbootay account very soon)

That’s all for now guys… see y’all on Facebook….

* until science has worked out how to send hot beverages over the internet… your experience of this “Tea and banter” will have to remain virtual. But y’know what they say…virtual tea is better than no tea…?… :/


18 Apr


Make sure to hurry on over the Cloud10beauty to get your exclusive 10% discount before the end of April! :)

Originally posted on sleepingbootay:

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to share with you my current online store OBSESSION! If any of you have read my Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool review that I have done previously, I mentioned the online store which I purchased it from..and how I am completely IN LOVE with it.

The site is: Cloud 10 Beauty : …and it’s FRIKKIN amaaaaaaaaaaaazing.

As a self-confessed beauty-product-aholic, I’m constantly on the look-out for new stores (and especially online stores..cause I’m lazy) to spend my hard-earned DOLLAHs on some pretty things. When I stumbled across this site, I have to say, it just felt right… it was love at first site..and I knew from that instant that we would have a very promising future together..

Even though it’s  relatively new store to me, I have bought a few things already including the Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool which I’ve already reviewed on…

View original 1,091 more words

18 Apr

Just reblogged this from The Dolly Blogger… the winner of my last giveaway..such a sweet glad she likes them! :)

New online store obsession: CLOUD 10 BEAUTY (and exclusive sleepingbootay discount!!)

12 Apr

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to share with you my current online store OBSESSION! If any of you have read my Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool review that I have done previously, I mentioned the online store which I purchased it from..and how I am completely IN LOVE with it.

The site is: Cloud 10 Beauty : …and it’s FRIKKIN amaaaaaaaaaaaazing.

As a self-confessed beauty-product-aholic, I’m constantly on the look-out for new stores (and especially online stores..cause I’m lazy) to spend my hard-earned DOLLAHs on some pretty things. When I stumbled across this site, I have to say, it just felt right… it was love at first site..and I knew from that instant that we would have a very promising future together..

Even though it’s  relatively new store to me, I have bought a few things already including the Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool which I’ve already reviewed on here:  and some Real Techniques brushes from Samantha Chapman which I friikkin LOVE and I shall be doing a review on very soon my lovelies.

A little bit about the site ( because we all like to know where our shizz comes from)

“Cloud 10 Beauty is not just another beauty store; its home to some of the most lusted after beauty products from around the world. It’s a store that’s dedicated to helping you look good with endless ways to enjoy and share all the latest beauty products, news, tips and tricks in a completely chilled out environment. We believe beauty should be fun, simple and accessible and this drives everything we do. We decided to launch Cloud 10 Beauty as we felt there are significant gap between the shopping experience online and in-store.  When shopping in-store you rarely shop alone so we created a website where shoppers can freely interact with each other and get the help and assistance they need”. 

Cloud 10 Beauty makes you feel like you’re on Cloud 9 basically ( excuse the cheesy pun) It’s everything you look for in a beauty site and more! Here on Sleepingbootay, I only recommend things that I well and truly love and that I use myself and has therefore got the Sleepingbootay thumbs up of approval…..and boy does this site get that approval!

Sleepingbootay's thumbs up of approval!!

THREE CHEERS for Cloud 10 Beauty guys! :)

Things you need to know (cause they are damn amazing)

  • Free deliveries over 50 yo yos
  • Free returns with every order and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • AND if that wasn’t good enough you also get some free samples with every order
  • Takes all major credit and debit it’s quick and easy and painless-ish ha
  • For those of you overseas, fear not, I was just informed by CLOUD10BEAUTY that International shipping will be set up in the next few days..with shipping costs starting at roughly 4.95 yo yos..depending on your location.
  • Free testers of foundations so you can try before you buy (testers are free with an order however there is a small charge of €1 to cover postage and packaging if placed without an order).
  • Beauty Points – With our great Beauty Points scheme you can earn points not just by buying fabulous beauty products but also by reviewing products, signing up to receive our newsletter and by inviting your friends to join. Or even just by simply sharing the products you love with your friends on Facebook. You can redeem these points and get money off some future products! Exciting stuff!
  • You can create your own profile where you can promote your Facebook or twitter page and also share your favourite brands and products.
  •  Product Reviews help you decide if the product is right for you. If you are still not sure you can ask the reviewer about the product directly by posting on their profile wall. You also have the chance to write some of your own reviews and you can earn some more Beauty points if they like your review!

You will find a hellova lot of pretty brands including: NUXE, Sigma, Sleek, Essie, Elylure, Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, DuWop, Tweezerman, OPI, Modelco,Proactiv, Elizabeth Arden, FACE Atelier, REN, The Handmade Soap Co ( where you can now buy this lipbalm that I have reviewed by them and many many more:, Sanctuary, Tigi, TangleTeezer (which I love and have also reviewed:

and MANY MANY more…seriously guys, there’s just loads of lovely things..go check it out….NOW..well after you’ve finished reading this post..ha!

Offers to look forward to this April:

  •  20% off all FACE Atelier products for this week
  • REN Free Gift when you purchase any 2 REN products. The free gift is a fab travel purse with 3 travel size REN products
  • Sleek – Free Sleek Lash Out Mascara when you purchase any 3 Sleek Products. Free gift offer will run from Monday 16th April.
These are just some of the offers to look forward to…but keep your peepers peeled because they constantly update their site with lots of new offers and products and they also have a great Sale section to check that out too.

Shipping costs: 

Standard delivery ( within 3 working days)

  • Ireland: 3 yo yos
  • UK and NI: 3 pounds
Next day delivery 
  • Ireland: 6 yo yos
  • UK and NI: 6 pounds
and remember for any of you overseas…keep your eyes peeled in the next few days for International shipping! :)

…..And now (something bloody well exciting news) for all the SleepingBootay followers out there:

I have been lucky enough to be given a discount code from the lovely folks over at Cloud10 Beauty for all the sleepingbootay fans/readers out there! I can’t even begin to explain how excited this makes me…I just can’t deal…ha!

Me dreaming about how amazing Cloud 10 Beauty is..

In order to use this code there are few teeny rules:

  1. You must be a follower of my blog (this blog):… you can subscribe by simply pressing the “follow” button at the top of this page OR you can simply subscribe to me by email…which you will see to your right!
  2. The discount code is only valid until the end of April and excludes all Sigma products! But not to worry it’s still valid for all the other amazing products!

The discount code is: BOOTAY10OFF (HA and yes, I’m loving that it’s the word Bootay) which you can enter Gift voucher/Discount code section when you’ve added the product to your shopping bag before checkout! So Happy Shopping Sleepingbootay-ers… hmmm..I should work on a better nickname for y’all.

Be sure to head on over to their facebook page: and give them an ol’ like pretty please! :)

or follow them on Twitter and throw them an ol’ tweet if you’re feeling ever so inclined:!/cloud10beauty or simply @cloud10beauty

….so get social-networking that shizz guys!!

Before I go, Just want to say a huge “Sleepingbootay Thank you” ( it’s better than a normal thank you)  to Cloud10 beauty for this awesome opportunity and for being so goddamn awesome. If you happen to be on their facebook page…share some love with them…ha and tell them I said hey!

So that’s it for now folks… if you havent been able to tell, I’M BLOOOOOOOOMIN’ excited about the whole thing!! And if you couldn’t tell here is some virtual online excitable screaming..” Aaaaaahhhhhahhhahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahwoooooooooooooooohahahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa”…Yes…I’m excited.

Okay I’m off to go buy some more things!  Hope you enjoy this site and if you do buy anything off it please let me know what you got…i’m nosey like that! ha!

Byeee! Kx :)

The love story of a girl and her lipsticks….

9 Apr

Once upon a time….

…….Nah, Hey guys (that’s more like it).

Sorry to disappoint, today I shall not be reciting a romantic love tale.. however, I will be declaring my love for a select few lipsticks. This is going to be a little different from my usual Product Wars Mondays, the lipsticks that I have chosen to talk about…are not in war with eachother… infact.. I love them all equally!

These are a FEW ( I chose 10) of my favourite lipsticks/lipsticks that I wear most often. This is a mixed bunch featuring both drugstore and high-end brands and they range from the nudiest of nudes to the loudest of brights. So read on if you are sufficiently enticed..

See coordinating descriptions below

  1. MAC Chatterbox (featured in the first picture of this blog) Amplified finish: This is my idea of the perfect pink lipstick. It’s incredibly girly and not for the shy girls out there. However it is very wearable day or night, no matter what skin tone you are. I think it’s strongly become one of my all time favourite lipsticks fullstop.
  2. MAC Watch me Simmer: Amplified finish: This coral lipstick is bang on trend this season. I never ever used to wear anything like this and I used to shy away from anything that was described as “orange” or “coral” but I’m really starting to like this trend and I’ve found myself swapping my trademark red lips for a more on trend look with this lipstick.
  3. MAC red: Satin finish: Classic red for a classic vampy look. This is a staple in my make-up bag for a night out.
  4. MAC Please Me: Matte finish: This is my current “everyday” lipstick.. it’s a very “your lips but better” colour..and instantly gives your face that pick me sometimes needs…
  5. NYC Blue Rose: This deep hot pink is great for adding something to a very boring outfit on a night out. The blue undertones also make your teeth look super white too!
  6. Gosh in 146 Cappucino: I admit from the swatch, this lipstick actually looks vile but it gives a nice nude sheer effect on the lips and looks great with a brown or greyish smokey eye look
  7. Barry M 151: This is actually quite similar to MAC’s watch me simmer.. but just a tad bit more on the orangey side. Again, it’s a great colour to be seen wearing this spring/summer. Looks awesome with a tan.
  8. Rimmel Kate Moss collection 01: I will admit that yes, I did initially buy this because it has my name on the packaging (how could I not??) however it’s actually a really nice deep red colour. Great with black smokey eyes.
  9. Rimmel Lasting Finish in Birthday Suit: This is one of my favourite nude lipsticks of all time. I pop this on when I want a very natural look or when I’ve really emphasised my eyes and I need a toned down lip colour. I keep this lipstick with me all the time really.
  10. Topshop in Vamp: This colour does look a bit crazy and slightly “a la goth” however I think everyone should have a deep purple colour in their lipstick collection. It was all in last season and I can see it carrying right through this year again.Surprisingly very very wearable. and is buildable so you can choose how dark you wanna go!

Okay so i’m afraid that’s it folks! I hope you liked this short-ish post! I’d love to hear what some of your favourite lipsticks are at the moment or of any lipsticks that are on your wishlist….so leave them all in a comment below.

If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more of my “favourites”, please let me know and I shall get on that!

Hope you are all well, I’m off to eat more easter eggs…and slowly fall into a chocolate-induced coma… Nom..zzzz…nom…zzzzz

Thanks for reading guys and until next time.Bye!!! Kx :)

*Drum roll* Aaaaand the winner is……

9 Apr

Yes, you are seeing correctly. You’re eyes are not deceiving you… this is the end of ANOTHER giveaway on my blog!

This giveaway gets the sleepingbootay's thumbs up of approval...

…and yes that is a sequined moustache…

Firstly,I want to thank absolutely everybody who entered this competition! Unfortunately because I’m not rich, there can only be one winner. *sadface*  Like the last time, the winner was chosen using…so everything was nice and fair.

Anyway….without further a do……

I’d like to announce that the winner of the No.7 goodies is: The Dolly Blogger

CONGRATULATIONS!!! When you see this post, it would be awesome if you could email me your deets ( like your full name and address) to my email address: and maybe just leave a little comment under here to let me know that you’ve seen this!

Ahhh I’m so excited! Bloody love doing Giveaways.

I said it before, but I’ll say it again… THANK YOU ALL SO SO SO MUCH! Not just to those who entered but to everyone who is reading and following this blog! You all make me happy on a daily keep doing your thangs!

I will be doing another Giveaway shortly so please keep your eyes peeled. And if anybody has any suggestions of blog posts or reviews you’d like me to do please keep the requests coming in.

OH and for anybody who hasn’t seen it yet, I’ve just done a review on the Sigma Polishing and Cleansing Tool…so pop on over to give that a wee read:

That’s all for now folks… I’m off to eat some chocolate for breakfast and enjoy my nice lazy day off work!

Hope you are all well!

Bye!!! Kx :)

EXCITING new review: Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool

8 Apr

Ladies and Gentlemen…

I’M BACK (from wherever I was?) with a new and exciting review.. and by exciting, I really mean exciting!  Over two weeks ago now, I purchased the Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool off a relatively new website (to me) Cloud10beauty. (… which I shall be writing about in the near future..cause I laaaaave it so much.<3

Anyway.. yes, I’ve heard from a few little blogger birdies that this Sigma Cleansing and polishing tool is meant to be a pretty good dupe for the Clarisonic.. which is nearly 5 times the price! (yeah,..perty damn expensive). Because I don’t have a rich old husband to buy me pretty and expensive things like the Clarisonic and because I like a good beauty bargain.. I decided to try out this Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool and see for myself what all the hype is about.

The handy case with two extra detachable brush heads

Leaflet showing the three choices of brush heads

It comes with 3 different detachable brushes.. each increasing in density. I use the “softest” brush for my face as I have insanely sensitive skin… but I would however, recomend that everybody uses this brush for their first few uses.. just so your skin can get used to it. In the manual, it says that the other brushes can be used for body exfoliation.. again, because of my sensitivity, I’ve only tried this with the medium sized brush all over my body and I used the most dense brush (very briefly) on my elbows and knees. I just want to say that this was, my routine… which I found to work best on my skin. Of course, you are free to use the brushes as you wish and alternate them in any way that suits you.

How to use it: I’ve been using it for just about 2 weeks now, morning and night. I use it with my everyday cleanser, the Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleansing Gel. You literally lather up your face with the cleanser of choice and then work this bad boy all around your face in circular motions. There’s no ideal time period to do this for but I usually do two good laps of my face, making sure i get to all the nooks and crannys. I then follow with a generous lathering of moisturiser and I’m good to go!

Like all products, it does of course, have its pros and cons:


  • Leaves skin feeling really really soft and polished
  • Comes in a handy sized case–easy for travelling
  • Runs by batteries: also handy for travelling and when you are on the go.
  • 3 detachable brushes.. gives you the choice on how powerful you would like the ex foliation to be
  • It’s a multi-purpose product: can be used on both face and body
  • 2 speed settings.. again gives you the choice on how intense the ex foliation will be
  • completely cleans my skin and removes all traces of my make-up
  • The price..completely affordable..especially in comparison with the Clarisonic.


  • Can be very very messy
  • Can be quite harsh on your skin at first… first time I used it my skin was left a little red.. but this stopped after a few uses
  • I broke-out a little bit in the first week of using this tool… But i’ve heard that this is normal as its your brushes way of clearing out all the badness from your pores.

Because Sigma products are hard to come by in Ireland, I purchased mine online at for only 39.95 yo yos! For anybody interested here’s the direct to the product on this site where you can buy NOW!

Now, because I don’t own/have used the Clarisonic.. I cannot state which is better, My judgement rests only on my experience with the Sigma one. However, in my opinion.. if the Sigma one works well, does the job and is a hellova lot cheaper.. why not just go with the cheaper one?

If any of you out there, has tried both the Clarisonic and the Sigma cleansing and polishing tool…could you please tell me which one is better…and if the Clarisonic is worth the price?

For now anyway, I’m very very content with my little Sigma.

Well that’s all for now folks. Hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any products youd like me to review please let me know, and I shall do my best. Hope all of you had a really lovely Easter. I’m currently harvesting a substantial chocolate food baby!

OH and just a quick note: For anybody who is interested in entering my Giveaway to win some No.7 goodies.. make sure you enter now at this link as it ends tomorrow! Good luck to everybody! :)

Thank y’all for reading and until next time Byeeeee! Kx :)


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