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31 Mar

HEY GUYS! <——- capital letters for excitement!

Yes, as you can see from the title this post is indeed, to announce yet another GIVEAWAY! And why? you may ask…

Well… because I have reached 200 Followers!!!!!!!! :O <—– genuine shocked face!

CHEERS TO 200 FOLLOWERS... SleepingBootay is a happy hippo right now I can tells ya!

I woke up this morning to check my emails and messages and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw…200 written on my little “stats” page!! Guys, I’m ridiculously overwhelmed and grateful for all the support I’ve been getting. I never imagined that I would 2 followers… never mind 200! As i’ve said numerous times before, I started blogging away just as a bit of fun and to get all my crazy ramblings out of my head and into something productive. The fact that 200 if you are now following these crazy ramblings of mine is just astounding and it makes me smile a lot!

As some of you may or may not know, when I reached 100 followers about 2 weeks ago (ish), I ran my first giveaway to thank all my followers. It was a Soap & Glory themed giveaway and the winner was a lovely girl and fellow blogger “productjunkiegirl”. If anybody is interested here is the link to the last giveaway which is obviously closed now but you could still have a wee gander:

Now that I’ve reached 200 FOLLOWERS ( Yes more excited capital letters) I want to throw another giveaway to thank all my lovely followers again. If you have been following me from the start, I salute you! and if you’re a new follower.. then welcome! :)

Welcome to the world of Sleepingbootay! :)

Now here are the details you’ve all been patiently waiting for:

This Giveaway will consist of 3 main products from the lovely No.7 range made by the well-known brand and pharmacy Boots! I want to just state that I bought all of these products out of my own money and I was not sponsered in any way to do this giveaway! It’s just my little way to say thank you!

NO.7 Giveaway products (in order: Radiance Boosting Hot cloth cleanser, Heavenly Hydration Moisture Mask and the Total Renewal Micro-dermabrasion Exfoliator!!

The products are:

  1. No.7 “Radiance Boosting” Hot cloth Cleanser 200ml
  2. No.7 “Heavenly Hydration” Moisture Mask 100ml
  3. No.7 “Total Renewal” Micro-dermabrasion Exfoliator.75ml
  4. And I might throw in a few teeny surprise goodies if I’m feeling lovely! ;)

All of these products can be viewed also on the Boots website. http://www.Boots,com

Aaaaaaand now for the rules:

In order to enter this competition you must:

  • N.B: Follow/subscribe to my blog “” (this blog) by either clicking on the “follow button” on the top of the page or you can also follow/subscribe to me by email which you will see to the right of your screen. Anybody who is not a follower will unfortunately not be entered into the Giveaway…sorry folks…so get following!
  • N.B: Comment under this post and answer the following question: What beauty product is on your wishlist and why? anybody who doesnt do this step will also not be entered into this competition!
  • The competition will run for a little  over week starting today and will end on Monday the 9th of April
  • I will then announce the winner on either that day or night and I will get wrapping your goodies! :)
  • Winner’s will be announced and I will ask them to provide me with an address in which I can send the goodies to
  • If the winner has not contacted me within a week with their address, I will be announcing another keep your eyes peeled!
  • The winner will be chosen at random (like the last competition) via so it will be completely fair.
  • Everybody is eligible to enter as long as you follow the steps above.. there are no restrictions regarding your country of residence etc.
  • And lastly GOOD LUCK! 
THANK YOU ALL SO SO SO SO SO (Multiply by a billion) much! You’ve all made me a very happy hippo today! Please get entering and spread the word! 
Also,Watch this space for some more reviews coming your way!
Thanks guys! Kx:)

My March Favourites!

31 Mar

Hey Guys!

Yes, once again, the title gives it all away.. but incase there’s any doubts… I shall be doing a run-down of my current favourite beauty products or “my march favourites!” Some of the products here are going to be old favourites that I find myself running back to and then some are new products that I’ve recently discovered and have fallen in love with!

All the products listed below get the SleepingBootay "thumbs up" of approval!

Without any more delay, I shall get right into it:

Favourite Lipstick: I’ve been really really into lipsticks this month and have found myself steering away from my ol’ reliable red lip and trying something a bit different and more spring appropriate. I’ve been buying more coral-y toned and pink-y toned shades and I’ve actually really enjoyed wearing them. Two of my favourite lipsticks this month have probably been MAC’s Watch me Simmer from their new Cook Cook range and MAC’s Please Me from their regular range.

Yummy MAC lipsticks! :)

Swatches of lipsticks (in order: Watch me Simmer and Please Me)

  • Favourite Foundation: This is KIND of a newbie to me ( I’ve only been using it for about 2months) and it is the Revlon Colourstay Foundation(in the shade 150 Buff if anybody is wondering) For years, I have searched high and low for the “perfect foundation”. I thought I found it with Bourjois’s Healthy Mix Foundation ( which don’t get me wrong is a great foundation BUT it repeatedly broke me out due to its strong fragranced formula). I decided to give this Revlon one a go as I had heard pretty good reviews and now I think I have found THE ONE! Its name is Colourstay and boy, does it stay! This baby will not budge off your face until you reeeeally want it to! It doesnt look too heavy on the face ( which I like), has great coverage ( medium) and smooths on nicely! The only downside is that I’ve heard from a lot of people that it can be hard to find a shade to match your skin tone.. however I was lucky and have seemed to have found the perfect match!

    Revlon Colourstay Foundation in 150 Buff

  • Favourite Eyeshadow: I guess there isn’t really any need for me to even answer this ( if you’ve read my blog before that is).. but I will anyway.. it has been of course the Urban Decay Naked Palette! This palette has served me well not over the past month but for months and months before that as well. I use it day and night every day without a fail! Can’t rave about it enough! ( Link to a full review of this bad boy:

    Urban Decay Naked Palette!

  • Favourite Mascara: This was hard for me to answer as I never tend to stick to just the one mascara.. I buy a new and different one every time I run out just to experiment.. I guess you could call me a mascara-whore of sorts! ;) HOWEVER, I”ve been using Maybeline’s Falsiesmascara for quite a while now and I have to say I think I might re-purchase again! I love the consistency of the mascara itself…. not to clumpy or drying ( ha trust me this is important) the colour comes out jet black which I love and the curved shape of the brush makes application that much easier.. which was very considerate of the chaps down at Maybeline! Three cheers for my first mascara love! Wooh! :)

    Maybeline Falsies Mascara

  • Favourite Blush: The blush I use every single day is Peach Melba by Natural Collectionwhich is a brand made by Boots! These blushes are so strongly pigmented, have a great creamy powdery consistency and apply amazingly to the face! Not only that but they are so so cheap… only 2.99 yo yos…BARGAIN! I love all their shades in particular Rosey Glow, Pink Cloud and my every day blush Peach Melba ( which has been rumoured to be an astounding dupe to MACs blush of the same name..ssshhhh)

    Peach Melba by Natural Collection

  • Favourite Make-up Brush: I recently entered the world of Real Techniques brushes ( designed by make-up artist and YouTube star the lovely Samantha Chapman) My first purchase was the stippling brush,..and guys, I’ve gotta say.. I’ll never look back! This brush is every girls dream. I use it every single day to apply my foundation and it goes on flawlessly and you also found yourself using less product that you would,with your fingers or a regular foundation brush! I’m eager to get my hands on their powder and blush brush next and see if they are just as amazing! If any of you have these brushes…please let me know! :)

    Real Techniques Stippling Brush...sorry for the dirtiness of it! Used it this morning! :/

  • Favourite Cleanser/facial wash: Without a doubt my Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleansing Gel.I’ve been using this morning and night for the past 2 months now and I’ve honestly seen such a difference to my skin. As you all know ( cause I never stop mentioning it haha) I have very sensitive skin and can use very little products! This cleansing gel is perfect because it contains to artificial fragrances and leaves my skin really clean and soothed. LOVE IT!

    Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleasning Gel

  • Favourite Moisturiser: This is another ol’favourite of mine : La-Roche Posay’s Hydrene Riche. I can’t fault this product whatsoever, it does the job, keeps my skin really moisturised but is not to heavy. Perfect base for make-up, sinks in quickly and is very gentle on my skin. The tube is deceiving too.. looks very small but a little goes a long way! I keep repurchasing this and it never fails me!

    La-Roche Posay Hydreane Riche: LOL at the chopped off top....I need a new tube STAT!

  • Favourite Hair Product: This was my most difficult thing to pick as I use quite a few great products on my hair as of recent. However, I guess if I really have to choose one then it would have to be the L’oreal Mythic Oil… now I have already done a review on this ( which you can read at this link here: so I won’t go into it but I will just say that this oil has truly brought my hair back to life. It is literally my hair’s hero! Everybody say awww for hair lovin’!

    L'oreal Mythic Oil

  • Favourite Body lotion/moisturiser: Again, because of my sensitive skin and eczema, I don’t really get to experiment when it comes to skin products as it could easily irritate me and cause an allergic reaction. E45  cream has been so great to me the past few months. It has kept me so moisturised and has soothed my poor skin even when my eczema gets too much.  I’ve also been finding Lush’s Dream cream... well….a dream.. ha! It has been proved to be great for people who suffer from mild skin conditions such as eczema..and so far I agree.. I’ve had no problems with it and the best thing is it actually smells great! (Link to my post about eczema/senstive skincare:

Lush's Dream Cream

  • E45 Cream

  • Favourite perfume/scent: As I have mentioned a few times in some previous posts… my signature scent is D&G’s No.3 and probably always will be. However, from time to time I like to dabble in a few different scents just to change things up a bit! This month I”ve found myself gravitating towards LoverDose by Diesal! I’m AWFUL at describing scents and the only thing i’ll say is that its very girly and smells kind of like sweets and lovliness (see I told you I was awful) the best thing to do would be to go try it out yourself.. it’s laaaaavely! :) 
And for something a little bit different and for those of you looking for a little bit more than just beauty products:
  • Favourite Jewellery piece: I’m a self-confessed jewellery-a-holic… I literally cannot stop myself from buying more and more jewellery, so I had to add this section into my favourites! I’m even running out of space to store it all. I’m a huge fan of chunky gold and bronzey pieces and then anything with a peace sign or a skull on it really. I also love vintagey looking and cameo style pieces. I was trying to pick something that I’ve found myself wearing quite a bit and I’ve decided that its my gold layered bird statement necklacethat I bought in Topshop a few months ago. I’ve found that it works with so many outfits and it just adds a certain something to different to a plain or boring outfit.

    My gold "Bird" necklace from Topshop

  • Favourite Book: I’m also a crazy bookworm… I could spend the entire day happily wrapped up in bed with a good book!..seriously, I love it! I will read all sorts of books and I’m usually not too fussy about the genre. This month, I’ afraid I’m going to have to jump on the popular opinion bandwagon and say The Hunger Games has been my favourite book of the month. I realise this is very cliche and literally everybody is talking about it,.. but… it really is such an amazing book. I finished it in a day and couldnt put it down. I recently saw the movie as well and I loved that too. I’m, excited to read the next book now and for the next film to be out!

    The Hunger Games!

  • Favourite Film: This month, I’ve actually seen some pretty good movies. I guess the best movies I’ve watched this month have been The Help, which I admittedly CRIED my eyes out to ( and I never ever cry at movies…I swear) and then on the opposie end of the scale the hilarious”The Muppet’s Movie”.. which I went to see with my boyfriend and we didn’t stop laughing throughout the entire movie..cannot wait until it comes out on DVD! Please let me know what movies you’ve loved this month and if you have any recommendations.. I’m a huge movie nerd.

    The Help

Okay guys, I think I shall leave it there before I bore y’all to tears ( if I haven’t yet already!) Even though this isn’t a tag, i;d love if some of you did this post too…or if you’d like you could just leave some of your “March favourites” in a comment below!

I hope all of you had a great month! Looking forward to April now and alll the yummy chocolate-ness that comes with it!

Thanks for reading guys and until next time…Byeeee! Kx :)

Extremely exciting and informative “Update and Monthly Round-up”!

29 Mar

Hey guys,

First of all I just want to apologise for the sliiiightly exaggerated post title there. I tend to be ever so slightly dramatic at the best of times…so why should I stop when it comes to naming my blog posts?! This post will be informative but I can’t promise gauranteed feelings of excitement I’m afraid.

Aaaanyway, as the title dramatically suggests, this will just be a little update and monthly round-up.. so bascially just little points I want to make which don’t deserve their very own individual posts! Ha!

Firstly, I just posted a package to productjunkiegirl (the winner of my first Giveaway). I was very delayed with the posting of this package which I feel really bad about but hopefully the goodies should be on their way to her as I type. Here’s a little picture of it all packed and ready ( it was slightly battered due to my mischievous doggie.. but all is intact ha!)


Secondly, I wanted to make a quick apology for my lack of posts this week. I’ve just started an online English language teaching course (TEFL) and I’ve been spending the last week kind of finding my feet with that. Also, I just applied for my Driver Theory Test which is now booked for the 25th of April (eeeeeek) so I’ve been studying away like a busy bee for that too! Busy busy busy! But not to worry, I’ll be back to normal very very soon and annoying you all with a million posts a day ( there’s that pesky exaggeration again! )

Thirdly, I’m very very near the 200 mark regards to followers… ( the last time I took a peek I was at 182) and we all know what that means… yes… ANOTHER giveaway! So keep your eyes peeled for that… it’s gonna be a big’un!  I’m not even gonna go into how overwhelmed and happy it makes me to see how many followers I’ve been getting so quickly. As i’ve stated before over and over again, this blog was never about getting lots of followers, but I am seriously so grateful for each and every one of you! I also want to say that I’ve really been enjoying getting all your lovely comments and messages.. It’s actually so amazing to be able to interact and chat to people all over the world who share the same interests as me! So please please keep up the comments or even just drop by to say hi!

Fourthly ( is that even a real word?) I’ve been making a list/plan of posts that I want to do and of products I need to review. In the next few days/week I have a March monthly favourites post coming your way and a review of a new John Freida hair product! I also just recently purchased and have started to use the new Sigma Cleansing and Polishing tool (a dupe of the Clarisonic) which I’m dying to share my opinions of with you! As always, I would love to hear of any types of posts youd like to see, any tutorials or any products in particular you’d like me to review. So far, somebody has asked me to do a proper review of Barry M cosmetics and nail polish as they are hard to find in the U.S, so if there are any other products like this please let me know, and I will try my darndest to do them for you!

Also…. I’m currently ALREADY suffering from stoopid Hayfever (it’s only March goddammit!) it’s driving me crazy.. so if any lovelies out there have any magic cures could you kindly pass them on! I’d be ever so grateful!

All hay-fevered up and showing off my Beats! ;)

I think that’s all for now guys! I hope you are all keeping well and happy! Please keep the comments/suggestions coming! And please keep a watch out for my next Giveaway and March Monthly favourites post!

Thanks again for reading guys! Bye Kx :)

Blogs I love! Edition 1

25 Mar

Hey Guys!

Okay so as y’all know I’m a huge Blog creep.. I’m a self-confessed Blogaholic if you may.. I ADORE running this blog and as well as that I love creeping on other people’s blogs…its really what I spend all my time doing.. as sad as that is to admit! For all you fellow blog-creeps out there…you’ll probably love this..and for anybody else…well firstly..if you don’t like blogs..then I’m not sure why you’re reading this…aaaand secondly WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE ABOUT BLOGS!?? so read on and I shall try to convert you!….

It's true love...

Enticed yet?? Good…

Okay so,today I am here to share a little blog love and appreciation. People often underestimate the blood, sweat and tears( not literally!…I hope) that can go into running a blog. Bloggers spend sometimes tedious hours making sure their posts are just right for their readers. Now while I absolutely love running this blog and writing reviews etc. I can completley identify with the hard work! So today I am going to spread a little love and mention some blogs that I personally follow and love. Some of these blogs, I’ve been following for years and have been huge inspiration for me and my own blog and some of them are more recent finds. If you enjoy blog-creeping as much as me, you should definitely check some of these out!

These are in no particular order by the way ( I just randomly typed them out as they popped into my noggin)

  • Lily is a UK fashion and beauty blogger. Her blog is amazing for tips on how to wear certain items of clothing. Her style is bloody amazing and she’s downright gorgeous!
  • Zoe is also another Uk fashion and beauty blogger…she’s got a really quirky sense of style.. and I love seeing all her vintagey-esque finds.
  • Lexi has probably the most “out” there of all the bloggers I know yet it always just looks “right” and so cool! I envy some of her clothes and pretty much all of her bags! Ha! She just oozes cool and she has an awesome sense of humour too!
  • Louise is probably one of my most favourite bloggers. She’s so down-to-earth and relatable. She’s absolutely hilarious and her baby is downright adorable! I always trust her judgement on any products that she reviews! Her blog is perfect to sit back and relax to with a cup of tea!
  • Sammi is another one of my most favourite bloggers! Her style would be the most similar to mine and she’s the type of girl that I know I’d get along with reaally well! (that sounds a bit stalkerish…ooops) she’s really sweet and gives great fashion tips! Oh and she also takes really awesome photos!
  • Gemma has such unique style..and isn’t afraid to be completely OUT there.. my favourite thing about her blog is that she gives really cool DIY tips that arent too tricky!
  • Lily’s blog has probably the best reviews of the lot! She’s always really honest and because she gets invited to all the top press events she’s always really ahead on any new products coming out and she keeps her readers in the know. She always has really cute photos accompanying her posts too…which is a pretty bonus!

Okay that’s all for now guys! I’m going to do separate posts on some of my favourite fashion and beauty websites and stay tuned for them! Really hope this post wasn’t too boring.. I really recommend you check out some of the blogs above though! Oh and I’d love to hear of some of your favourite blogs…so please link them in a comment below as I’m always eager to find new blogs to read…I’m OBSESSED i know i know…


Thanks again for reading guys and I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!! Bye! Kx :)

Short and Sweet Review: Sally Hansen’s “Double Duty” Base & Top Coat

24 Mar

Hey guuuys!

Today’s review is going to be nice and short,… cause personally I think there is only so much that you can say about a nail-polish!

Today I am reviewing a recently new product of mine: the Sally Hansen “Double Duty” Strengthening Base & Top coat and it is, in all honestly YUMMY!…. not literally of course… as you should never under any circumstances eat nail polishes… :/ Anyway…moving on.. This is one of those products that make you want to contact the creator and just say a huge Thaaaaaanks! (and I just might do that) I’ve been looking for a good base coat for quite some time now as I tend to paint my nails, if not every single day then every second day. Base coats are important as they  can stop your nails from becoming stained from the nail polish and also to protect it from all the chemicals that you are constantly applying and removing. You’re nails need love too y’know!

Hallelujah for Sally! Oh and my nail polish is by Barry hallejujah for him too! :)

This product is an excellent base coat.. it glides on easily, it doesn’t gloop and most importantly it dries very quickly. It’s also great because it allows my choice of nail polish colour to go on a lot more smoothly and I think (unless I’m imagining things) that it actually enhances the colour too!

Now as a top coat, I don’t have a lot to say, because I think to be honest, that a top coat is a top coat regardless of its brand. I mean, they all do the same task as far as my experience has gone with them. What I will say is that this top coat made my nails very shiney and I’ve been wearing the same colour for the past two days (shock horror) and it has not chipped even the tiniest bit! Overall, it was a very pleasant top coat..awww!

As regards to the strengthening side to this polish, I can’t yet confirm that it has actually strengthened my nails… I guess time will only tell. However, my nails are in pretty good condition anyway at the moment thanks to Perfectil supplements that I’ve been taking daily, so perhaps the strengthening aspect of this polish would benefit someone looking to improve their nail polish. So let me know if you’ve tried it and have seen any astonishing results?!

Overall, I really really like this nail polish. I would definitely recommend it to anybody who is looking for a good quality base coat or who is looking to toughen up their nails. I wouldn’t personally buy it if you were just looking for a topcoat alone as there are so many cheaper options available that do the same job.. but this product is another one of those great multi-task products that are so handy to have..especially if you were travelling.

I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this polish at all. Even the price is very reasonable at only 5.99 ( price may vary depending on shop) and I can imagine that I shall be re-purchasing in the future!

Three cheers for Sally! 

Would love to hear if any of you have used this product OR any other of her nail polishes..and what you’re thoughts are.

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you all have a really lovely day! And until next time Byeee! :)

Another day…another tag: “About me Tag”

23 Mar

Yes I have too much time on my hands…here’s ANOTHER tag.. and today it’s a general tag with questions aimed to “get to know me”


Sooo now that we have the obligatory posey picture (lol) counted for lets get on to the questions.. here we go!

1. Do you have a middle name? My full name is Kate Rebecca Monica Higham
2. What is your Favorite subject in school? In secondary school (high school), I absolutely loved languages.. especially French and Spanish. And I also loved English. In college (university) though I actually became really fond of Geography and Global Inequality studies.
3. Whats your Favorite drink? Tea.. without a doubt is probably one of the best things in the world.. I drink it constantly throughout the day..NOM!
4. What is your Favorite song at the moment? This is such a hard question to answer cause I listen to music all the time. The artists I seem to be listening to most this week though are Drake, Jay Z, The Strokes and RHCP.
5. What would you name your kids? I never really like telling people this as it’s something I’d like to keep secret until the time comes ha!
6. Do you participate in any sports? Ha! No!, I’m not a very sporty person at all! When I was younger I used to be involved in so many sports, I used to be on a Basketball team and I also did Ballet for 7 years. Nowadays though I just like going for walks.. I know I’m very boring ha!
7. Favorite Book? Again, this is very hard to say as I’m a complete bookworm. My favourite author is Jodi Picoult.. I have all of her books and I literally love every single one of them. At the moment, I’ve jumped on the Hunger Games bandwagon..and I’ve gotta admit… I’m a teeeny bit obsessed. I also really love The Help, The colour purple, One day, When God was a rabbitt…aaaah there’s too many to choose from ha!
8. Favorite Color? Turquoise has been my favourite since I was little. I just find myself drawn to anything turquoise all the time. I also love emerald green and kind of maroon purplely colours.
9. Favorite Animal? PIGS!! I am an incredible creep when it comes to pigs.. I just love them so so much. I’m on a mission to get a micro pig..and I’m trying to convince everybody and anybody to buy me one! Apart from pigs, I’m also hugely obsessed with cats…and they are probably more of a realistic pet ha! Oh and I love Orangutans…and well all monkeys in general!
10. Favorite Perfume? I think I mentioned this in my last Tag.. My favourite all-time perfume has got to be D&G no.3.. I can’t even praise this perfume enough. I’d be lost without it! If you haven’t smelled this perfume.. please go and smell it now…seriously..leave your laptop and just go! Ha!
11. Favorite Holiday? I’m guessing they mean like festive holiday…and I have the usual boring answer…CHRISTMAS! I mean what’s not to love about christmas.. I also love that time of year because it’s my birthday the day after extra presents hahaa..WOW i sound so greedy and materialistic!
12. Have you graduated high school? Yes I sure have…aaaand university.. I’m now out in the big bad world..:(
13. Have you ever been out of the country? if so how many times? Yes I have, and emmmm… i’m not sure but over 15 times i’d say!
14. Do you speak any other language? I used to study Irish, French and Spanish in secondary school and then I went on to study Spanish in University so yeah I can speak a good bit of each of those… but I’m a bit rusty!
15. How many siblings do you have? Just the one Brother Bear.. he’s a year and a half younger than me.. but A LOT taller..ha!
16. What is your favorite store? For clothes, i’d have to say Topshop ooorr Urban Outfitters. Make-up and beauty product  wise I love MAC, Boots and Lush. I would happily roam around any of those stores for hours on end…
17. Favorite restaurant?  Eddie Rockets.. I don’t even need to hesitate! Cheese Fries… just yes!
18. Do you like school? Yeah I did actually! At the time.. I couldn’t wait to be finished and “grown up” but now looking back.. i actually kind of miss it.. and seeing my friends every single day!
19. Favorite youtuber? I don’t have just one single favourite. I love BeautyCrush, Uglyfaceofbeauty, sototallyvlog, Thepersianbabe, Sprinkleofglitter,the pixiwoo sisters and pixi2woo, voussontbeautetbelle…ah there’s just way too many! I watch YouTube too much ha!
20. Favorite movie? Of all all time… The Jungle Book! I am just OBSESSED! Infact, I’m obsessed with all Disney films to be fair!
21. Favorite TV show?  Again this is so hard to choose.. I LOVE Sex and the City, Will & Grace, Gossip Girl, Misfits, Skins, The Office, IT crowd, Peep Show, Dexter, New Girl, Oprah, Ellen de generes, Friends, Family Guy, American Dad, South Park.. the list is endless!
22. PC or Mac? PC… I can just about manage this laptop as it is.. lets just say, I’m not the best at technology
23. What kind of phone do you have? Samsung Galaxy SII….and I know nothing about it or any other phone, ha so don’t even ask me about it!
24. How tall are you? 5″4 and a wee bit… that wee bit counts!

Okay so that’s it my hands are sore from typing! I hope that wasn’t too long or boring for you. Again, I tag all of my followers and like the last one, if you do the tag please leave it in a link below!

Have fun and thanks for reading! Bye! Kx :)

Exciting review: Human + Kind All-in-one Body oil

23 Mar

Hi there guys!

Yes, I was kindly sent another product to review.. and yes I scared the postman with my excitement on receiving the package! Today’s product is from a new company to me, irish-based company “Human + Kind”. I’ve personally never used any of their products before but I have heard the name going around various blogs and I’ve always been curious to try them out!

I thought that before I go straight into the review, I’d give you lovely readers a little insight into this company’s background ( because I’m nice like that ;)

Here’s just a few short little facts to keep in your noggin':

- They are an irish-based company…huge yay for supporting Irish-based products

- Their ethos is to creat “simple, natural and dependable beauty products that multi-task” …sounds too good to be true! :O

- All products are dermalogically tested- major bonus points in my books!

- All products are allergy screened and are suitable for sensitive skins… This is one of the facts that won me over most!

- All products are made from natural ingredients, free from paraben and other chemical nasties- good news for our skin basically! :)

Now that I’ve covered the background to the creators of this product, I guess I should actually introduce the product properly. As the title states, today I shall be reviewing their All-in-one body oil. Now i’m the kind of girl who is often (even though probably wrongly) swayed by first impressions.. and with this product, this meant, love at first sight! The packaging alone pretty much won me over straight-away with its almost retro/hippy-eque style. Now, as you may know if you’ve read any of my other posts, I have ridiculously sensitive skin, so when I buy/receive new skin products, I’m always quite nervous to try them out on my skin. I also suffer from eczema so I need to be pretty careful not to aggravate that as well! As the name states it’s an ” all-in-one” product so you can use it everywhere- hair, face and body. I have a pretty strict face skin care regime so I didn’t try it out on my face but I have used it on my body… and guys its UNREAL!

Like most products on the shelves these days… they all claim to do or improve, cure etc. certain flaws or ailments. However they don’t always fulfil these claims/promises! So i decided to investigate if this product lives up to its responsibilities!!

This product claims to be:

Non-greasy and rapidly absorbing: CHECK! – I was actually surprised about this.. being an oil-based product, I was sure that this product would be very oily and that it would linger on the skin for quite a while.. however the outcome was the complete opposite. My skin felt super moisturised and glowing just after one application. I will say though, if you do have oily skin, I would avoid applying this to your face.. as it could only enhance the oiliness!

  • suitable for normal, dry, sensitive and flaky skin: CHECK –  Well I can account for the sensitive skin part here! I had no bad reaction to this product whatsoever.. my skin loves it almost as much as I do! :)
  • reduce the appearance of stretch marks: UNSURE: I’m afraid this is something I can’t confirm as I luckily don’t have any stretch marks.If any of you out there have tried this on your stretch marks.. id love if you could let me know if it was effective!
  • highly affective for ageing or dehydrated skin: UNSURE: Again.. as I’m only 21 years old.. this doesn’t really qualify me for ageing skin. However, all I do know is that, the older you get, the drier your skin gets and a stronger moisturiser is needed to keep it hydrated and young and plump looking. This product seems perfect for this… but I can’t say for sure!
  • soothes and softens skin after shaving: CHECK I actually applied this to my legs after shaving and I have to say, it felt really nice and soothing.. it almost had a sort of cooling affect on my skin and I found that after applying this, any irritation that i would normally get after shaving (damn sensitive skin!) was completely gone…which I was amazed at!
  • helps improve appearance of damaged skin: CHECK: In regards to eczema, i can definitely say yes. a few days ago, my eczema flared up pretty bad due to stress.. I thought i’d try this oil out just to see if it helped at all. And it really did.. not only did it control the itching but after about an hour any redness was significantly reduced! This is a huge thing for me when it comes to products so this point alone has won me over!
  • remedies minor skin ailments: : CHECK: Again, I’m just going to say yes in regards to eczema. So if it works for eczema.. it will also work fabulously if you had any dry skin patches or anything
This Body Oil retails at just 14.95 yo yos and can be purchased online at and from selected pharmacies and healthstores nationwide! For those of you looking for specific shops to purchase this yummy product… there’s a more comprehensive list of stockists on their website..( which you should all check out by the way…it’s cute)
 (Seeee, How pretty it is! Is it just me, that find this packaging reaally cool… and is it just me that gets so excited about packaging…. ha!?!)
Overall view:
Overall, I absolutely loved this product and I really enjoyed using it! After a shower, I actually looked forward to applying it to my skin.. as I loved the affect it had on it! The fact that it works so well on my eczema has won this product MAJOR bonus points for me! The scent is so amazing that I”ve actually found myself looking for other products that have a similar scent! Another great thing about this product is that a little really does go a long way.. On first look, the bottle looked pretty small.. and I was afraid that I would run out really quick.. however you really need the tiniest amount on your skin and you”re ready to go!  The only downside to this product is the price.. personally 14.95 is a bit steep for a body oil HOWEVER… due to the fact that it is a multi-task product and that you only need a small amount at a time.. it is cost-effective in the long run.This product is perfect for girls with sensitive skin who are looking for a luxurious body oil that makes their skin soft and glowy! Also a great gift for somebody! :)
YAY for another Sleeping Bootay seal of approval! :)
That’s all for now guys! I hope you enjoyed this review, make sure you visit their website to check out more of their yummy irish products!

And if you enjoyed this review, stay tuned for two reviews I have coming your way: the John Frieda “3 Day Straight” hair straightening spray and Sally Hansen’s Double Duty strengthening base & top coat nail polish!

Let me know if you have any requests or suggestions of posts you’d like me to do! I love to hear any of your feedback!

OH if anybody out there would like me to review a product of yours, please email me at: and we’ll sort something out! :)

But for now, I hope you are all well, thank you for reading and until next time, BYEEEEE Kx :)

TAG: 10 Little Beauty Secrets

21 Mar

Hi there,

I’ve got a cold and I’m all borrrrrrrrrrrrrrred! :(

Borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred and sick! :(

I actually saw this Tag on another blog post and thought I’d give a go seeing as I’m bored out of my mind. Instead of rambling on, I’m just going to get straight into the questions:

1. What is one product that makes you feel like a million dollars?

- I had quite a long ponder about this and I think it has to be lipstick.. its one of those products that just MAKES an outfit and can completely finish a look. I always feel my most confident when I’m sporting a really bright red lip or like a crazy barbie pink.

My favourites at the moment are probably MAC’s Please me, Red and Watch Me Simmer.
2. What is your skincare secret? / A passed down skin care tip

- This one was easy for me… I’ve had a lot of annoying shizz with my skin (with having eczema and all) so my main skincare secret (that isn’t really a secret) is to just use the minimal amount of products on your skin. The best thing is just to not put your skin under any unnecessary stress. Use gentle fragrance free products, stay nice and rested and drink tons of water! Oh and I also take supplements called “Perfectil” which claim to improve the quality of your hair/skin and nails!…and it actually works! :)
3. Share your hair care secret?

-I recently ombre’d my hair which means that it is now two-toned…so I have to take extra care of my hair so it doesnt become too damaged. I know use a colour-care shampoo and conditioner. I use an intensive hair masque about once a week. And every time I wash my hair, I use leave-in conditioner which also doubles up as a heat defence spray! My number one hair care secret weapon product though would have to be the L’oreal Mythic oil.. it is my saviour!! ( If you want to hear more on this product here’s a link to my review:     )

4. What is your biggest diet rule?

- Meh, I’m not a HUGE fan of dieting… I love food just waaay too much! I like to be healthy and being a vegetarian, I tend to eat quite a lot of fruit and veg. I guess, my number one piece of advice would be to avoid depriving yourself completely of the things you love to eat! Food is there to be enjoyed as well as keep us alive and there’s no reason we shouldn’t enjoy a treat as long as we keep it to moderation. As well as this, I always suggest swapping the lower calorie versions of foods.. like swap to brown wholegrain bread instead of white…. non-fat milk instead of full fat etc. They are small changes to your lifestyle but they can make a huge difference to your waistline.

5. Any workout tips?

- Again, i’m not the best person to give advice on “working out” as I’m quite lazy and I have a fatal attraction to my bed! However, one thing I will say is if you’re not interested in excercising.. try to choose something that you find fun.. be it dancing, skip rope, swimming etc. A lot of us tend to think of excercising as sitting in a gym lifting weights and running on a treadmill.. of course this is great too but it’s not for everyone. Just make sure to keep active. Go for a quick-paced walk a few times a week.. do some crazy bootay-shaking in your room for half an hour.. join a dance class… the options are endless and can actually turn out to be fun!
6. Which perfume is your secret weapon?

-  Hands down my signature perfume D&G no.3… this perfume just instantly lifts my mood… and makes me feel all lovely. It’s happiness in a bottle and I’d be lost without it..END OF!
7. Show us a clothing item of yours which always turns heads

-This was quite hard to choose.. Cause I’m the kind of person who would be completely oblivious to people “Turning their heads” at my clothes ..i’m usually in my own little world.. However… If i had to pick something.. I would say probably my black furry bag that I bought for a measly 16 yo yos in Primark… I get quite a few comments on this bag.. some good some bad.. but as they say.. bad publicity is still publicity.. I personally love it..and it doubles up as quite a comfy little pillow on long train journeys..ha.
8. What is your most treasured piece of jewellery?

- This is waaay too hard! I have quite an embarassingly big jewellery collection.. I’m like a magpie! I can narrow it down to my favourite type of jewelllery though.. i’m quite fond of what I would call my “ghetto gold”… basically chunky gold statement pieces. I also love vintage-esque necklaces and cameo style rings. I love skull rings as well… infact i really love them. I might do a seperate post on my jewellery collection or something.. let me know if any of you would like this…??
9. Who is your style crush?

- I don’t really have a particular “style icon” I get a lot of inspiration from street style. But I will say I love Rihanna’s style.. she always looks so damn cool. And I pretty much want to be Fearne Cotton. Then of course, I think Sarah Jessica Parker always looks fabulous and Gok Wan is just my fashion hero ( for anybody who is unfamiliar.. he is a british stylist who now has his own tv show, books etc). He’s amazing! But yeah, mostly I just wear whatever the shizz I want…
10. Tell us something we don’t know about you

There’s probably tons about me that most of you don’t know. In fact there’s very little at all that you do know.If any of you are really interested I might do a “Get to know me” post;…so please request down below if you’d like that! I guess for now i’ll give you a few facts.. I’m 21, college graduate. I’ve been a vegetarian for 11 years now. I LOVE cake and I’m terrified of butterflies…. and thats all I’ll say for now.. ha.

Well thats all folks… I TAG all of my followers to do this Tag! If you do, do this tag please leave a link to it below in a comment so I can read it! ( i love reading tags…creeep I know)


Thanks again for reading.. i’ll be back with another review real soon!

Bye! Kx :)

Glasses… the new on-trend accessory to be dayum proud of!

21 Mar

Hey guys,

Today’s post is going to be a little bit different than my usual “beauty product” related posts! A few days ago, I actually witnessed a young girl no older than about 9 years being bullied because of her glasses and this wasn’t even the first time that i’ve seen this happen.It really annoyed me and I found this quite strange due to current popularity in the glasses-wearing trend and I thought society were even beginning to embrace the sexiness of glasses. In 2011 in particular, we saw a rise in the trendiness of “nerdy clothing and in turn glasses. There are even glasses that you can buy now that have just normal glass in the frames.. so people who don’t even need prescription glasses can wear this trendy accessory….Look who’s “four eyes” now is all I can say.

Picture of the ever "Trendy" no glass "glasses"... trendy or just plain silly?!?

Over a year ago, I was prescribed with an astigmatism by my optician… which means that I know have to wear glasses when I read, go on the laptop, watch tv.. basically anything that involves me to strain my eyes in any way. I admit at first I was reluctant to get glasses.. they are a pretty big change to get used to. HOWEVER after a few months they really started to grow on me and now I completely embrace them. The key is to pick a frame that not only suits your face but also a frame that makes you feel comfortable and confident in. Personally, I wanted to make a statement with my glasses.. so I chose quite thick-rimmed black frames but you can literally choose from so many styles if that’s not your thang!

Picture of my glasses #1

I know this post is a bit rambly and may sound pointless.. but I just want to kinda show that we shouldn’t be ashamed of glasses. We should be showing the youth of today that glasses are nothing to tease about and can in fact actually be cool.

Picture of my glasses #2

SO if you wear glasses…work that shizz and embrace them! 

Would love to hear if any of you have any had any bother over wearing glasses? Or what your thoughts are on the matter?

Thanks for reading guys and until next time Byeeee! Kx :)

NOTD #2 Polka Dots

19 Mar

Hey Guys! Just another short short shorrrrrt Nail of the day post! This look was veeerrrry simple. I literally painted my nails with Barry M’s baby pink.. and then using the Model’s Own Nail Art Pen I drew on teeny little polka dots. Easy peasy!

Excuse the moody Monday expression! ;)

Please let me know in a comment below what kind of post you’d like to see me doing or if theres any particular products you’d like me to do a review on. I have two reviews in the pipeline that are neearly ready so I’ll have them up in the next day or two.

I hope all of you are well and I hope you all had an awesome weekend!

Happy Belated Paddy’s Day and Mothers day! :)

Byyyyee! Kx :)


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